Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday, October 9th


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Eric Clapton is as never made any secret of the fact that he comes from the blues tradition and his should you know he's the top of his hero pyramid is is legendary blues man Robert Johnson. And Steve so much of that. Influence can be found in his music. That's always a little bit of an exception and I think maybe that's threes and I've always loved it so much it's it's have much more like of they're rockabilly shuffle kind of thing you know it doesn't doesn't have that typical Clapton blues feel so maybe that's why it stands out to me. You always like the exception songs. The site you don't sound anything like it's easier to hear it while contrarian by nature as you so you know exactly what that's about lay down Sally Eric Clapton. Monday morning here on 1995 the melts in my case CL Hart Rickie it is. It's it's Columbus staged its indigenous people's day it's. Canadian Thanksgiving gain Thanksgiving. So that's and today I'd I'd forgotten about the students through as someone sport that you would have been. 77191940. Whose formative recently have been 77 today. Ops all kinds of things going on and did today in addition to have some rather crap secular whether. Start off a middle we knew was coming we did we expected it to be coming so it's a little bit of marine snow mix. We'll get to that in in traffic and weather in a few minutes you were rats the great American beer festival on Friday. It was the first time I've ever sell cool all it's a pretty premier event is that I may I don't know one I was expecting. But I was not expecting it to be is huge at times it's just I can't believe the nor'easter thought maybe something was going on but no it's just the sound of thousands of people are drinking beer yeah it was crazy. I had so much fun and land related with Greg and a few friends of mine. And yeah I just I. I had no clue what to expect so having it separated by region was really needs of course they spent a lot of time only the upstate New York region and Stockton beer tent and ended up knowing the person working Aaron exec is that nothing's done hole. Was there one I realize having been there troubled times myself. Early on evening you're like oh this is my favorite beer and then by the time and it's over you remember what most was the one that stood out to you did the. I Genesee cream now obviously. Yeah of course Judy creek become very the only cheese. The wanna really remember I was I was at coconuts. Brown on hand. While it was those very that I like Coke and I sell I enjoyed it. And then I started on the gang and got some three clusters into that line for just a mixture again just makes Gerri yeah. Okay good and you got some video to I should see and I'm gonna put it on the FaceBook page and I apologize in advance because. It is not good video I'll turn that you cannot sample beer it's like nine and a half percent. For how worse and not having it affect your caucus of this until well reviewed video product yeah right. It funds at this again to that I did I was in Beaver Creek for a beer prevail. Soccer tournaments for a my older daughter Lily had a soccer tournament in up there at the hold it wasn't just her. All of Vail valley has a soccer tournament this week there's just teams and people. Everywhere. Which is cool the weather was beautiful I don't I feel like this is embarrassing to say I don't feel like I've been. At least as far as Beaver Creek in the fall guy happened I don't know deuce is beautiful my only regret. Is that idea and a buddy of mine told me he's like you're gonna be right near the elk river bring your fly fishing stuff I was like I'm in be busy with him. And I've I've probably could have pulled off one of the other dads is like I was fish and so we were to prove it I didn't bring my stuff but job if you haven't been surrounded. Why. Soccer team of like 151415. Year old girls for a whole weekend but let me tell you haven't lived all real because it's. Sinners no shortage of exciting moments I. Today and only nice I remembered being on the soccer team is a fourteen and fifteen little girl and I. I can imagine. Mike feces coming up have you on 95. The mountain over the weekend. I did not catch it live I read about the next day it seems to me like he was a it was another example. Of Saturday Night Live doing what is so often has done so very well over the years and that is. Reflected a given moment. Where the nation's focus is that's what a fair fair summary as seems very fair okay Jason now dean our country star Jason L dean opened the show. With this. I'm Jason now being. This week we witnessed one of the worst tragedies in American history. Like everyone I'm struggling to understand what happened that night and how to pick up the pieces and start to heal. So many people are herding. There are children. Parents. Brothers sisters. Friends. They're all part of our family. Swallow a say to them. We hurt for you and we hurt with the you can be shear the we're gonna walk through these tough times together every step of the way because what America is at its best. Our bond and our spirit. It's unbreakable. Yeah. I. How cool moment obviously knowledge thing you know very bitter difficult and troubling events in Las Vegas earlier in the week. And also tipping the hat cute Tom Petty and and his huge influence on the world's music. The other great moment for I thought another great moment for Saturday Night Live. Yeah and they've they've done that very well and they Saturday Night Live while it is about. I think and feeling better and and taking things that hurt and somehow making them feel better by making them funny. They've also been really good at recognizing moments when it's not time it's not time yet now's the time it'd to reflect on the death. Degree trips over the again that was so Jason LT who I was musical guest and opened sentiment life. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored on your ride into work at some. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountain. Passed away at the age of 45 you may remember him. Last comic standing early on and that shows remain in a 2003. He that's sort of where he'd he'd showed up in the public guy he had pneumonia for a couple weeks now. And had continued to perform. As much as possible while he seems like for a six weeks he had pneumonia in fact he did a show. At Harris in Vegas Thursday night's. Before passing away on and on Friday on the sixth. He does leave behind two children in and strained wife long turner who was also comedian. Ralphie May did for Comedy Central specials. And down to Netflix specials inch clearly a fan favorite for a lot of different reasons of it self effacing style of humor. Always sent me she's from a particularly their young at the age of 45. Sarcasm is just one of the services Michael offers others include bad puns obscure news into the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike Casey mornings by 1995. The mountain. Boy I tell guys I know it's not held in the commute very much but it it just looks like it looks like a winter wonderland here in the tech senator like it's like a Currier and Ives postcard. Right out our window. He asked curry and I just did Blake. Cars and tall buildings and hotels so yes yes there were a little more modernized version yes landscapes so of concrete to it or exactly. Monday morning here on the mountain today Columbus Day indigenous people's day. Canadian what is a Canadian Thanksgiving yes I know and I'm thankful for this year where either before just entry. The Canadian prime minister yes I am very thankful for him and with Canadian Thanksgiving particularly on answer number I and so thankful for his aunts and I kind of figured so are John Lennon also born in the state in 1940 would have been 77. Years old today Forbes magazine crunched the numbers and figured out that the 100 athletes who earned the biggest salaries in the last year took in. Three point one billion dollars between of a lot of them the top ten. I'm Lewis Hamilton. News that he's a racing car racing guy UK automobile racing 46 million James Harden. NBA player 46 and change staff Currie NBA and number eight worry McIlroy golfer at number seven Andrew Luck. From the colts' number 67. Derail its number five Roger fed. No word wound. Murder took 64 million he's in number for Leo Messi Argentinean soccer star eighty million LeBron James. We know him 86 point two million Cristiano Ronaldo the top the highest paid athlete in the world. Up Portugal soccer star 93. Million dollars. In the last year. But that's not just from Donna Brock knows now he has who. He and David Beckham my underwear I don't know who doesn't matter you're thankful for him due largely well no he's kind of I have been named farm I don't like candid I don't like him but if he just could. To stand your familiar with his mergers and underwear I am I am yes Erica well earlier it's up top ten Tiger Woods came in at number seventeen which is amazing presumably good golfer while on McGregor number 23. And Albert Pujols the baseball color number 49. A paltry 27 point three million dollars last year I even thought I don't even know I don't get out of debt for more than 28 million dollars there. Let's just entry goes I just death sentence I don't abuse and mental with me and it can't get that. If his plane crashed in the wilderness. Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's gonna be Mike Casey in the morning my neck and now. 7:55 Monday morning on the mound today you know snowy Monday morning and looked like it was a lot stick on the roadways. Mostly on the grass at this point but to a salary Syrian earlier Traficant following distance safe following distance kind of key. On on days like this and explosive there would taper off and and clear out a little bit by this afternoon and warm up tomorrow and Wednesday so. Not a long event but just a reminder hey you live in Colorado. Harvey Weinstein has now been charge from the Weinstein Co. admitted numerous claims of sexual harassment at the end of five trillion of last week. He released a statement saying news gonna take some whatever was take some time to work on themselves taken leave of absence. No no he's been fired following the New York Times scathing report into those allegations last Thursday. That's when the the worm started to turn so to speak. In a statement on Sunday yesterday the company's board of representatives said Harvey Weinstein was terminated quote in light of new information about misconduct. That has emerged in the past. Few days among the revelations in the New York Times article. Was that he and his company had settled. There was like 88910. Somewhere there's some sort of assaults indeed and the related. You know a sexual harassment kinda suits and done yet so the board said the year gone. As of as of yesterday. Points and company and and Harvey shown the door. If you take away looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 995. The mountain. Thanks to new technology that lets us see pictures from space more clearly scientists believe they have located water. On some pictures that were beamed back to us from Mars technically okay it's not actually water so like a beach with waves lapping on the short. But they found they think they've found a big frozen pocket device. Close to the equator of march. Obviously this would be huge deal. Because if we're ever to land on Mars and survive long enough to. Figure out what's going on on Mars you don't need water to do it and it's a lot easier to use water that's already there. And a packet on the spaceships that we're gonna try and fly their so this is a pretty big deal technologically speaking I think we're all aware at this point. The the only human being who is actually conquered. Mars is Matt Damon but other than that nobody else has been able to do it. He pre plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. It's my GC a nagging guy five to mountain. I feel like either either you said this morning or I I saw or read somewhere that this this knows who taper awfully early afternoon. I think alleging an autistic it's expected said. Died down OK and you won't be here forever. Known it doesn't yeah that would forever would be a long time it's not sticking on the the pavement that I can tell but it it hasn't I mean it's gotten kind of progressively worsened since we've been here in Jersey was falling down. I'd why you should get your head because you had a friend who never sleep like even sorrow if. Fair enough aria approach through to slip that ago. Yeah explosive taper off middle of the day and and to most of the commute it depends on the grassy areas. Moving right along. By announcing for all to see exactly what words motivate and this is completely this is soup one directional here. What words motivates the most women. To click. Bonnie millions profile these are the five words and phrases. That improve a guy's chances to improve his response rates the most care to hazard any guesses I know this is not. Your body in this world to your savvy about these kinds of things. I I don't know that I am. Because the whenever standards I used never seemed to be the ones that I got Julius you look at it differently so yes I'm always theory in the dark here I don't wanna be tender consultant but that's just mostly like. Image yes the different thing yeah all right so here's the here's the top five than that of the words and phrases and improve a guy's chances to improve the response rates. In online dating number five using the word optimistic. In your profile a phone off for using the word out going in your profile. Spontaneous at number three perceptive at number two. And number one the word that most likely to trigger the greatest response rates. For men use the industries in their profile. Physically fit. I'm 96%. Breeder response rates when using those those some particular five works so we'll put I mean if you're if that's a world your living and working in these days. We'll post that on the blog and on the mound FaceBook page by the same token here are some words he should not use in your profile. Traditional. Montreal. None domesticated. Jerky. I'm making these. Well I was like there's actually in use Skype. No at all. Lazy and Rotella and those of the rose Chicago's clergy should not using your pro you know honestly if somebody put a broad timed in their profile and Billy yeah out. That the sick pigs can be similar caddie Larry is great and I expect said yeah okay submitted scripts that adjustment goes I don't know those those have nothing to do than the other words will post so you'll have and editors and you'll now but I mean you can opening your profile all you want if they're not true about you know it's your maybe somebody immediately you're just gonna have like. Hi aid first rate yet and then I got chocolates rejection before the second day tablet may be better just to never matched and said that should be rejected consistently. You have agreed future incidents as the. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk. And has to leave the hardware store this morning when Mikey field on 99 plus months. If you feel a little under way the weather today or over the next couple days you may want to consider that tuna having too many FaceBook friends. Is making you sick now according to new research people with a high number of FaceBook friends. Tend to get more. Upper respiratory infections the reason stress. All of social media stress can suppress immune function making you some more susceptible to getting sick. That's ironic isn't actually I'll post that story on the mountain FaceBook page you check it out there every provided you don't have. And upper respiratory issues the mound 180 coming up next from nine to noon get your workday started the right way. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview Eddie spaghetti before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain.