Bacon steak and giant butts

Wednesday, October 4th


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So good luck a little bit of a bummer particularly for Bob Seger fans and for fans who had tickets he has canceled the rest of his 2017 tours he's having. Vertebrae issues to have that back issues which are good. Our dimension make it awfully difficult. To perform he was scheduled to play Pepsi Center October 26. The deal with those tickets in and any other tour dates is just hold onto your tickets. On their will at some point will be a rescheduled. Show obviously don't know when that'll be yet but this thinking at this point is those tickets would be good did you she's a seemed tickets. For whatever the rescheduled status is so. Bad news but in the grand scheme of things seems like you know get a fixed in. And get back out on the road Bob that's really expect QB. Bob Seger still the same. 995 the mountain Wednesday morning Alley Harwood Mike Casey by him on. Yesterday afternoon. Fairly typical. Mike Casey done driving children around in this means picked up in gotta go here in this kid testing goes those cited town and I'm. Decide while I'm waiting to pick up one of the kids so I'm gonna go to the grocery store and say for over there in the highlands. And I'm walking across the parking lot with a propane tank I believe because they need to exchange one. And I hear so if he L. Casey. And I'm thinking I don't know anyone over here like this is in the if possible. Can tighter around and who's there but year. You are there in the parking lot trust me it was weirder for me because I'd gone to to jam and afterwards it plain and making dinner and I sat. In my car after the gym. Really weighing which grocery store I was gonna go yeah. Because they're just. There's no good option kind of in highlands for grocery store. So as like whenever safely is closest to Scott there so I Poland safely parking lot. And I get very anxious to parking lots especially now one of the challenge yet to terrible parking lot. Then there's so many people saying you're just watching making sure nobody steps in front of your car and I'm watching this guy cross the parking lot and I think. That had looks pretty nice that. I think that. Can't beat cases he would never be up and it's. And I start watching the person walking in my L it's totally Casey and I talked myself out of cash and mostly down can see him and then eased slightly turned in a Mike how I got him. So I kind of sped up so I can rolled out the window in Saudi oil. I just think you're viewed a pigs in different groceries or you'd thought about it for good humidity with a and I thought about it decided to death on right there would it Jetsons it was so weird the last person I expect to see what he crossed the parking. Yeah particularly in the islands I always feel like I'm not equates. I just I like I told you earlier I feel like when you of the highlands there's some unwritten rule you have to have ironic racial pattern like skinny jeans so I always feel like it's kind of not really my zone. But I just happened to be there and I just happen needs himself to the grocery store. And who are running into a you any you know we let you in because you've got some facial hair and skinny so close enough gas. Paris a ticket overalls are very pleasant shopping experience mail more pleasant by seeing. Mike feces coming up and appear on 95. The mountain I think she's only like a couple weeks in your show. Her new show on nine NBC it's been a rough couple weeks for meg and Kelly. She's taking a lot of heat for a lot of different things. A lot of different mistakes in the last couple weeks she's got another one now. After yesterday. Tom Brokaw was one of forgive you know veteran newsman Tom Brokaw was on the guests on her show. And there was a question from the audience regarding the Las Vegas tragedy and guns in the media and it was a fairly. Lengthy questions that Tom Brokaw was attempting to answer when making trillions. Column off and. If you're running against him or AM a lot of the western congressional district for example if you're portrayed as a traitor to Lamar. You know you're not in favor of having people who have weapons and that's after all how the country started. We're a long way away from. That its Second Amendment got it we said that a belly that granular. And are bullish is important to our country thank you to our guy and I have to step up properties heartbreak apologies talking about. As this are they're they're at America's attitude we got our break coming up. But listen that this debate will not. A lot and now. Show Lee and goes on from there I part of the reason it seems to me from what I've read part of the reason the social media and on the Internet exploded over this is because if you wanna be you know conspiracy theory about this. Well here's Tom Brokaw and he's talking about the NRA and he's taking a fairly DO negative stance. Oh OK we got to cut him off we got to. That's not. I mean I don't I don't live in that world you know more about that world to me by far. It seems to me like this is just another example of meg and Kelly not really being comfortable in her new role yet no probably not the being as familiar with the format exit the show because it's a new show. End. Not really handling that as delicately as she could have. But I don't I don't read anything into it other than that I don't think it was hers. They were critical about the burial the show yeah yeah I think it's a little unfair for people to bring that. Their assumptions on what her viewpoints would be into this. Having produced and hosted. A morning television show yes it was just local but the principles are the same just much smaller. I understand what she was up against and that she had producers in her ear saying we are out of time yet have to go to up to frighten. It's unfortunate. That that break happened at a time when Tom Brokaw I was talking about something really meaningful and really important and very controversial. And she is militants -- found Fox News for very long time and Fox News has a style that is far different and her do her show was a totally different show guests completely different than what they're trying to do right now there was a delicate way to get out of that there was it's calculated to deal that and she didn't but that's just experience or lack of experience I think did a much more speaks to her lack of experience and died to business. Big growing pains that she's gonna have to go and show it's a gap I understand completely what she had to deal I think she did it in a terrible idea. But not but but not I don't think by intense or by I mean I think anybody would know like if you could avoid it don't cut off Tom Brokaw yeah it's obvious general rule. They're houllier against incher if you're up against a hard break I now I gotta go she's she's got to be a little strong now and understand that she's in control of the show right now here she needs to transition into a commercial break. In a way it doesn't say stop talking we have a commercial which is being basically what she did. She did go on to keep talking herself so there's not time for her speak but not Tom around a spots up. The is she didn't do it in a polite a good way. Yeah but I don't think he's anymore I don't think you need to read too much and yet. We'll have to make everything a thing everything doesn't have to discuss this just a woman is figuring out her job right now so you better attic. You get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey in 99 plus the mountains. Computer scientists at Lancaster university in England say they've come up with a new technology. They could make this television remote control obsolete this new technology would allow TVs to be controlled. With nothing but hand gestures. Or other body movements. He wouldn't you would need the remote and I'll just hand gestures on the body movements the scientists also claim to gun things to a point where works even when your hands are full. So if you had you know like you have a drinking a bag of chips and so you can still. According to that easily change the channel. By the I get the technology is interesting strikes me as interest saying doesn't this seem like give anybody in the room can make a motion in changed that you. In your watching you know when your kids and moves and all of a sudden you're on the cooking jail or some thing I feel like this is gonna lead to more. Problems than this solutions but maybe I'm just taken a negative approach congratulations on the technology all the sense it is interest. He recently that doing lots to escort simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain you're suddenly get. Your mind around it's entirely possible the tourists visiting the National Mall between November and march. Will as expected be treated to views of the White House the Washington monument and possibly. A 45 foot tall 161000 pound naked woman statute. Oh that's the Washington Post reports organizers of the third annual catharsis on the mall festival. Which I've never heard of before I'll be honest with you are seeking permission to install. It that this culture is called. All word evolution so you could he could be revolution depends on you say assist our statue by Marco Cochran. For four months a spokesperson for the National Park Service said they are reviewing the Pope told proposal and it's plausible. That the 45 foot tall 161000 pound naked woman statue. We'll get the go ahead and be installed on the National Mall in order to try and inject some some realism to the display. They're gonna have people combine publicly shame. The the statue you know body shame the statue absolutely and letter know that probably she should only way about 141000 pounds in that are volatile says it. Is that they're trying to make it realistic. Absolutely they're gonna need a message board on the sides of people can anonymously critique. That's a that's a better idea now if you and actually do it to Roger you can never say to her face you'd have to just leave a comment. Yes anonymously letting her know that her body and certainly didn't think your standards yes I saw him looking at images of Marco Cochran statues that he's done before at their absolutely stunning an amazing. 45 foot woman and it's well mean that kind of says all right fair doesn't it yet but they're they're all in very joyful almost dance like expressions. Who knows that this when the clinic but what do welcome addition to the national law to be interest and I imagine some people take the opposite approach or view and not for quite as good setting. Up. But in my personal thing and I think beautiful addition shared interest in the future to. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. If Europe foudy. While checked this out of the restaurant and several Cisco. That's taking bacon to a whole new level with something in their calling millionaires. Bacon. I'm not sure crazy about the name but check this out the restaurant is called sweet maple it prepares their special bacon by slicing it a full inch thick. And then slow cooking is instead of just throwing it on the grill so it's like a bacon steak. Basically is we've targeted though because it's so thick ends in relative terms. It's almost as expensive one strip of millionaires bacon the cost seven box. But I'm telling me that sounds like fourteen slash 21 dollar gamble that I am willing to stick. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using it. Mornings when Mike Casey find any night five the mountain. So like today in about the little under ten hours now until first pitch Rockies and Diamondbacks one game playoff the wild card tonight the Rockies for the season or. 811 against the Diamondbacks they will put Zack Greinke on the hill. He is just 177 he's had another pretty good year Rockies will send John Gray outs also had really good year tendon for his record. One game play heavy legged swallows anything can happen got a situation so. We'll be watching and. Yes we will meet with bated breath well actually I'm gonna be out tonight so are we I think laid at the big Tivoli park. Basically I just really as I am planning to go there around the same time. Not only chance to hang out of their friends Tivoli. And get a VIP tour of their set up their which is great you can also win a very tickets to the great American beer festival to sold out compliments of Amtrak's Winter Park expressed. Details on the website if you find yourself. Cranky a little a little grumpy from time to talk a new British study has found that almost 13. Of the notification you get on your phone. Triggered negative emotions and put you in a bad note so it could be your phone it's making you grumpy. According to the researchers the notification to most likely to make you cranky. Were related to work phone updates. And Wi-Fi ability. I believe this and I've told you this before I basically like there are no almost no notification is on my phone that I have turned on yeah. Because it it's not that makes me grumpy. But I there's a little bit of an OCD thing that happens with me that if something. Pops up. That suggests that it needs my attention I have to do and I have to do it and I have to eliminated and I have to cross it off my list or like everything's ruined. So with my if my phone is going off every five seconds it's maddening to me survive just completely shut off all pretty much all notifications. Which has an upside and downside it works for me. On the not causing anxiety front it's a little less helpful if say your wife texts. You or your kid you have text notification done. No I think we're all going off all the time it's inflict you know like if you are. But important stuff to do the only notifications that I have turned on. Are my text messages obviously because it's why we laid. Not be considered it's annoying yeah Ramirez checked and every once while was appointed a new means just email everybody it's the same thing if you're not have notifications on north contracted from time to time I don't need select poked me in the eyeballs and to be did you hope and I'm always does what are now. We think you have some message. Which is metaphorically poking me miracles and how long I think that's a poor choice on your part but text messages and my fancy football league are the only notification that it captured. Everything else there's no. But look I think I can get that one I've watched my kids they must have every bill they must there must be like a button that says. If there are extra notifications I would like to switch goes on as well. Is their phones literally just. It's just a host of making noise and things going off on the screen and it gives me addict is looking. Yes and he email notifications on an I can't imagine that I would die. And yet the and you think it's strange that I don't have Tex test of patience is strange you should I feel like that's not using your phone to invest in its ability. Or even for its intended purpose. For an imperfect I'm comfortable with are able now I know I never did need to I don't. The vehicle to hear the golf finish for no reason would you ever be my emergency contact you'd probably just didn't have a certain I direct you have to call. Al your kids and wife and I feel sadness and I felt that maybe they can get into contact with the you know. She's great at making people laugh which would be greats if he was trying to be funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. From time to time we all may think him he'll be great to be happy. All the time that would be a great way to live life right well maybe not a create new study being truly happy. Means you need to embrace the idea that they're going to be some sad times in your life as well turns out if you are actually happy all the time. According to the study you can never fully experience. True happiness it's kind of like not missing the sun. Until the brains rate researchers stress that it's not about living a life without joy we should all strive to be happy as often as possible but in order to handle the hard times. It's important to expect that they will come if were prepared for the sadness it's easier to find joy again. Makes perfect sense doesn't actually I don't know have to go back and reread because I think there are confused halfway through. But that's the general take away happiness good happy all the time not connect. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC morning spontaneity and.