The Legendary Tom Petty

Tuesday, October 3rd


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Elvis was really cool so Miami pulls up one day ends this. You're going to be really happy your uncles worked with Elvis Presley. I'm gonna take it down to this that then maybe we'll get to meet. You know things like that come out and and so she took me and there's about thirty miles away in Ocala Florida. We've got to go. Barack we're the dressing room trailers where we were there would hero it. And its leader like cadillacs. All quite some members you know those guys would just put out an olive had mowed her answers didn't pomp and doers and I'd say well that was an Elvis. That. And then suddenly you Disco ball well that tells us that there at you know there is really no mistaking who overflows. And that was all it took you know and then that had a huge impression on me and I came home begin to collect records. Tom Petty discussing DM what he said a number of different times was the the transformative experience of his early life and he's maybe eight years old leader nine or something in. And you know a new Elvis was in the bigger sense of the word the being up close and personal and he said between that. And seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show he like he just knew that was that's what he was gonna do with his life and oh boy oh boy did he ever over the course of the last. Forty or so years Tom Petty you passed away yesterday. At the age of 66 and we will it's crucial to his music in some smartest clips from him and things like that throughout the course of the morning I think for a lot of people mutt myself included. I think for a lot of people Tom Petty in his music. Feel very much formed the soundtrack. A large parts of our lives and so it's it's it's sad to think of him on the you know not not being with us in creating. Any new music would poison the the stuff he has leftist with. He's probably enough to last many lifetimes for the most of us for most of associates' so again we'll celebrate the life and times. Of thought and the music of Tom patty this morning. Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. Ya I wanna say they're ready its own in liner that maybe was in the liner notes from Tom Petty and our triggers from their box set called playback and he talked about that song like he knew was a good song here comes Mike Hurley knew as soon as he wrote he was a good song. And he was having. Heck of a time trying to get a vocal force you know like he was doing it over and try it this way try it that way. And it finally occurred to him he said the whole secret to the song was I had to talk my way to the course but the way I'd written the lyrics did not lend themselves to. Singing them I had to talk myself to the chorus and then saying. And he said in the like the whole thing. It just came together like that like like magic like Tom Petty has been known to do for so long mail company and our prayers here comes my girl. On 995 amounts and we of course throughout the course of the morning. Will be celebrating life and music of of Tom Petty I have it's a little more of a personal tribute I'll do that at 7:30 this morning. I know we all have our. A series of specific memories about Tom Petty and his music and and they're probably way too many for me to choose from. But I know and I know I've mentioned this before too when I was a boss it was seventeen my buddy John. Bottom bottom truck Prada brand new truck. Like with his own money or to first friend in my youth 1717. Yeah how his own enough of his own money to buy a new truck and that it was an Isuzu public he wasn't this it wasn't his glorious truck used to cedar basically I don't know what it cost five or the thousand dollars on the and I would say the better part of the first year that he had that truck. He and I drove around in that with a with a thousand dollars sound system which a lot of money back then. And played Tom Petty and heartbreaker damn the torpedoes over and over and over and over like. You know to where you knew where that the pops word in the in the cassette tape. So if so for native. Formative years of memories that of of mine that connect Tom Petty not only to my to my best friend in the world bits of it was interesting young life experiences have to be very much the soundtrack of a huge part of my life I think for a lot of people to. And it really interesting because my friend and I once summer would go see movies every Friday it's just a thing that we get. And we would always listen continue to company's greatest hits as we where driving to and from our movies in what we called the bat mobile. Has he was one of our few friends to have his own car so I really interest staying that way fed the years of separation between us. They're still really. Common experience and somehow Tom patty's at the center of buyout. And I bet the more of you have economic covers issue with people over the next couple days you'll find that the I know I've found that two people who were half my age and people were twice my age of people who were the same like everybody has. That that's why he's. Like one of the greatest American songwriters and performers of all time and he connects so many crosses so many boundaries yeah. Man the battlefield that sounds to them on trucks and it was into the truck have a name. And we just called the pop 'cause it was a misuse you pup is like a mini truck. It's nice is awesome sounds cool so it's not even tougher to put a girl could do and he did so it's that a citizen. Saul yeah. He's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. It was an incredible we have incredible power. To the music. Six C and in all my life I've tried to put it into words I don't think I ever have know how to put that I knew where accidents like this graphics. It's just really can. Am just really good. The only sea legs genuine guy in his interview pseudo milieu and every other zones usually putting on where users. Or try and Xerox thoroughly Kia I don't know it just familiar Aaron conversation with the money and risk chance interview on. More than once wished I did Tom Petty. Free fallen on 995 amounts and as we celebrate the life and and the music in the career in the legacy of Tom Petty throughout the course of the morning at 730. I will have to weigh in with what amounts to a little more personal tribute to Tom Petty coming up Oca. Our new surveys found that getting a good night's sleep and having a good sex life impact your happiness more than having. More money will and it and it's not even close to that whole money can't buy happiness apparently was some truth to that. But. But sleeping insects can't researchers show that regularly getting a good night's sleep improves your happiness more than even quadruple laying. The amount of spending money you have. As of there's a pretty big. Pretty big gap there are four quadrupling me about a spending money out. The happy as people around are also more likely to report being highly satisfied with their sex life almost two thirds of those. Enjoying peace happiness say they're satisfied with their sex life so it turns out like bugle when you. Walking around your house sailor ago I need to go and ask the boss for a raise you don't you just need like a nap and in an extra booty call every week and then I think your you should be good record industry. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mound. Our 7:34 or Tuesday morning here on the mountain. So it appears once again that it's time to add another name to the rock and roll up our IP list. Word legendary gets thrown around a bit too carelessly for my taste these days but in this case. It applies legendary singer songwriter musicians in band leader. Tom Petty passed away yesterday at the age of 66. He would have been 67 on October 20. Tom Petty the heart breakers burst onto the scene in 1976. Just at the very moment when it appeared the guys with guitar urged. Word going out of fashion and would soon be replaced by drum machines. And dance floors. And Disco music none of Tom had anything to say about that. That first heart breakers album broadest classics leg break down and American girl. Songs and along with scores of others written and recorded by Tom Petty. That would go on to be part of the rock and roll song book. Part of the American experience. And perhaps most importantly. Part of the soundtrack the very fabric. Of our lives. Mine and yours. The waiting. Refugees. Here comes my girl don't do me like that's listened to were hearts don't come around here no more even the losers you've got lucky. Mary Janes last dance you'll know how it feels. Learning to fly I won't back down free fall and on. And on. And now. Depending on how you count your look unit fifteen or so albums over the course of a forty year career in industry it's notorious for moving on to the quotes next big thing. Every six months or so Tom Petty stated pretty big thing for the better part of four decades. Over the course of his career he battled with ticket scalpers and managers. And attorneys. And record labels. While he may have understood that music was in facts of business Tom Petty made no bones about the affected. No high powered suit in some corner office was gonna use his name to stick it to little guy the guy who was working his ass off to make a buck. To give his little piece of the American dream and who was generous enough to spend a few of those books on the Tom Petty record. Or a ticket to wanted to show us as a songwriter his approach was both quintessentially American Inge intensely personal. A lyrical magician who works tirelessly his craft. All in the name of making it appear effortless. And while it may have looked that way to us to the fans. Reaching that many people on that deep level for so many years. Requires effort. And patience. And dedication. And an unwavering commitment to having the guts to say would sing your heart. At any given moment in time. If you were lucky enough or wise enough to see Tom Petty in the heart breakers live you know he wasn't a guitar wizard. And he didn't seem intercede and having a band that was gonna while he was blazing solos over pyrotechnics. Are staged gimmickry. It's as if every part of him said it's the songs are good enough. That's all we need. And Tom. Just so you know the songs were more than good enough. 66 years doesn't seem very old anymore. So for those of us who were fans 66 seems like way too soon for Tom Petty to be gone. But I prefer to think of it like this if in 100 years. Or 200 years or 500 years our future ancestors wanna try to understand what rock and roll was and why it. At least for a time it changed the world all we will have to do. Is dig up the Tom Petty cataloged. And digital listen. And then it'll all be crystal clear. Blessings on your journey Tom Petty. Thank you for all you've given to us. It won't be forgotten. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. Really turn to work through this with as much as possible. We just musicians really that's what it's based on even now. I think that you've got a basic or music coming and we are I don't I would review board issue was based on any. Thing else is pretty famous for saying exactly we've felt at any given moment let me. Tom Petty and harper agree she got lucky on 995 the mountains we take some time this morning to celebrate the life in the the time that the music committed to the leg is incredible musical legacy. That Tom Petty left all of us I passed away yesterday at the age of 66. Who. A lot of my work I try to make sure that it's guys. I cause you know a 3-D aspect where you can be this on pay per but it can be this in your head there's not necessarily one way of looking at this and I think you enjoy them more in this more of a timelessness to the. Those definitely timelessness don't mean just the list of the list of songs and it's come from Tom Petty that are. I would say kind of internally timelessness and it's hard even your mind your own that's one of them from the very first company and our prayers over 976 break down. On 995 the mountain the might deepen the personal tribute that I did to Tom Petty which we did at 730. There's a video of that that we're gonna open up on the blog. And the audience on the mound dot com and social media feud you know you missed gave you wanna catch and again you can do that there aren't. Our new studies reveal that if you wanna live long healthy life the minimum amount of exercise you need is 150 minutes a week so the tune of two and a half hours. There's good news if you're not work out warrior however the research showed that even every day activities lake mopping the floor. Borer. Walking to work of those fit into those guidelines and move things in the right direction so there go 150 minutes a week who have a long. Healthy life. LaMarcus. Likes five year plan or quit that it has any minute by minute plan might PC in the morning. 199 plus the mountain. You know when you lose John and artists is the magnitude of Tom Petty its you don't like what it. What do you do that's enough. It could mean you can't write him and so we've been in place and songs this Maureen some smartest drops from Tom Petty and talked little about his shown cultural and musical significance and it's it's it's never enough by it. Is it the very least it's an honest and and heartfelt tribute to a guy just an amazing musician and songwriter and and left an amazing musical legacy. At the very least we thought we'd celebrate for a bit this time paying our prayers and run their own dream. On 995 the mountain jumping topics for or a moment I I think you know even though the Tom Petty news I think kind of hit people. Rather suddenly and unexpectedly. Even with that in mind I think a lot of us I would assume of nearly all of us are probably still processing. The information regarding the the tragedy in Las Vegas and that's still big headline story. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is a native of Las Vegas. And here summon his thoughts from his show this was last night on Jimmy Kimmel show. In 1980 we had a big fire at him you know hotel Las Vegas was horrible right I mean. Eighty rocky but by you can see the fire our balance I was thirteen years old I'll never forget a man. Choked out the window. It was a terrible thing to state. And then a few months later they were the number of fire at the Hilton in five people by actually you know what they did. They changed the laws they made major changes the fire safety codes and hasn't happened again. Why would we approached this differently it's a public safety issue. It's something needs to be done already so and tell your congress people to do something I mean it's not enough the singer. Love and prayers of him. I'm I think Jimmy shouted pro goes without saying and and we've learned in the last couple weeks for sure than than Jimmy Kimmel will probably take some some heat for this for. You know people having different sides soup of the discussion and and people it is politicization of everything in our world these days. Our I think he brings up a good point in so far as events like this. Magnitude notwithstanding are are are becoming far too common. Here in the United States and it seems like it's incumbent upon all of us and our elected representatives to at least ask some questions. About what if anything can be done to prevent this. Doing nothing. Is clearly not working and Jimmy Kimmel obviously. In even different perspective being at an in native Las Vegas as well on you can you can hear the emotion I'm in his torso. He'll get some he'll get some heat for it but when it's heart felt like that no problem with. That is exactly though what makes Jimmy Kimmel so. Special enemies and that he has the ability that we we strive to have every day to be sell. Vulnerable and raw and genuine and genuine and I am he's still it amazingly entertaining and he's still he's so moving because he can't just lay it all out there like that I know so many men who can cry like that in front of they're dead people who are closest to them and he's able to just lay everything about himself and what he believes out there and and a. I sorry you're you're Smart you are so successful. State so generally by not being good in most things might DC in 1995. Mountain. Yeah I was been pretty hard at the age of eleven and everything went after Lyndon and there had any interest in anything again. That guitars on. Trying to find. Something else lemons and then really if I have spare time in the lucrative arms and saddened. At what. He while I mean Tom Petty in his own words. Sure maybe he buys on a mission wasn't the most well rounded and I mean do Legos really cared about was it was musicians are writing in guitarist. And you know being with his band to air and European now on the road and make him records and yet admittedly do is assert sort of tunnel vision. To his life and his or professional under his personal life to a certain extent as well much. In a lot of ways we were all better fort I don't mean at least as it is because fans and members of the audience Tom Petty. Gone at the age of 66. Yesterday. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 stemming opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 1995. The mountain.