Broncos vs. Bills

Friday, September 22nd


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So it's not like today it's Alley and the G man. We've told Mike take a break and that is the time is the brunt of the playing the bills this week and the knowledge that I love the bills. Mora then probably my husband's like anything at all. I know that's the statement wouldn't you love football team more than the guys you just heard like two weeks ago. That is saying here's the thing is Greg. Greg it's treats me really really well where's the bills break my heart over and over her I just bad boyfriend I keep coming back well I I mean I don't lifelong abusive relationship with the buffalo girls and should get me things like this interview so it's worth it. Coming up a really big win against the cowboys. I didn't really wanna see that as the front hazard and looking dead and probably feeling great. Oh absolutely I mean when you blow while the Dow closed college boards 42 to seventeen. You're doing good as we are prepared chair should talk to one of the coaches this week. On the defense side of the football to hold seek Elliott to eight yards on nine carries and just completely shut down the cowboys. I mean the Broncos are four of the first five games or O'Malley. And I thought OK if they can win for those who for not natural for home games we just went for those games they'd be in good shape going forward. And one of the games are popping loser was against the cowboys and they smoked from shoulder to really good situation and. Studied Internet play against the bills off its critics definitely not really comparable says the cowboys were. Absolutely I mean Tyrod Taylor the wild card he's a guy who doesn't turn the ball over their quarterback. I'm he can Ron. But they don't score a lot of points or 27 in the NFL. Scoring points that the big weapon they have is where Sean shady McCoy who I think is the best running back in the NFL. I'm he's a guy that couldn't make a lot of guys miss on that Broncos defense on the you can take a five your. Your screen pass and turned into a sixty yard touchdown. He's the one guy that scares me from the Buffalo Bills but not a whole lot of other guys are not bulls' offense they run the football. They don't turn it over but they don't score a lot of points so there pretty bland. Offensively and the Broncos are one of the best differences leader girls are absolutely not and scored thirty point challenged those differences were. OK so we talked a lot about broncos' defense offense. While there are hitting on all cylinders Trevor Symbian has six touchdowns CJ Anderson are second in the league in rushing. I'm their offensive line looks like they've got error stopped together for the most part. You know but the bills have a great defense they've given up one touchdown the entire season now granted there are the jets the first week but the play the Carolina Panthers. Pretty tough last week. And should've won that football game. You know Denver just Chester do work their Dornan and Trevor should be made intrusion comment this week you said you know I displayed back and throw to the open guy. When you look at that just from the outside you go well that's what everybody tries to do but. He actually finds you open wide receivers and he doesn't make a lot of mistakes they have given the Dallas Cowboys in the LA chargers opportunities at the end of the game. They turned the ball over four times. And they've given up for touched counsel if they limit their turnovers. I don't see any way the bills are gonna win the scheme and watched the Broncos hand it to. There is one factor in the ED you have to think about buffalo first of all this is Denver's first came on the road this sea bright and it's it's add new air field formerly Ralph Wilson Stadium. And there's a lot because in that psychologically. One they're traveling into his buffalo. Beating rat doesn't handle. I thought the Broncos. Overall. Like the last twenty years were average going to the East Coast on early games are actually looked up to stay after about a 500 team since 2000. What since 2011. And their 81. In road games early road games on the East Coast so. You know that step doesn't really come into play but aren't Alter what does come and play new era stadium is a loud stadium and apple fans are really loud I've been there. I was there when the bills play the Broncos. Back in the playoffs in the late ninety's early 2000 judgment top place to play. And that's gonna create some problems for the Broncos authors controlled for Symbian. You know get his signals right Kenny get you know all of the changes you can change a place at the line of scrimmage. Armed with that loud stadium and those fans. Dell presents some difficulties. But yeah you're right buffalo bills' plan to wrap their one goal disallowed a stadium I've ever been in in the NFL. Mini 5000 and really drunk people for all here on they started drinking the night before when I was there so now we get to the serious stuff. Scale of one to ten and how hard is it in Ers when the bills surprise. Nominee. Agreed Friday to welcome. Listen I would wanna be in this stirred actually order wannabe Mike Casey on March weaken if the Buffalo Bills happened upset the book on girls 'cause you're going to be. Insufferable for the whole week. I would give the bills about a 25%. Chance to win this game really is still have a chance because every defense. And the crowd is loud and the Broncos kind of had a propensity. To turn the football over late in the game so if you factor all those things and I give any team a chance on any given Sunday and that's why it's the other for any team can win cures are playing for money. It's a week three details are unpredictable. We're just gonna have to see announcements thanks for coming in this morning appreciate it all banks LA it was a refreshing break from my case is on it's you can Senegalese have fresh air I do want to turn back governing and other talent immediate holes. All absolute where they don't forget I do eight to midnight here in the mountain every single night Monday through Friday and you can catch me on Twitter at G man rocks Denver alone. I guess we'll talk you Mondale sounds.