Mike Casey Podcast 5-16-2017

Tuesday, May 16th

Mike talks about why some things just shouldn't be made(like pee beer), Allie's chair is missing, and how swearing can help you get swole!  


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So so why chair so so and yelling I was more explaining. In January that's for greeted manor yes someone did steal might trip them and here's what's particularly weird about. This sort of thing happens spoke around your all the time because people just grabbed thinks they're like oh yeah I'll take you back in the he'd never remember what's weird. Particularly weird about this is the millennial news hallways a little out of the way so it's not like in the middle of I've basically been sanctioned off into Siberia if it. It's I mean Ellen comes by and it's very out of the results out of the way and which I totally forgot what I think about you'd generally at the end of the day or some point during the day you have a sweater that you put its. On your chair be freed just leave it here at work I do it's my works like her because it's very cold and yes they just hanging off to back ninety so someone. Actually there's a third thing your forgot about they're a bunch of it's like the chair great. Not only is always used for my desk and chair disposal he says there are five if I'm used chairs. All around my clearly unused. Wildly unused there's nothing even around them yet just chairs and. Whereas yours is clearly had an active workspace. And your sweaters on its past and somebody just was like well waltzing this one move your sweater isn't my chair to feature an earlier order. Weren't there were four other options may five other options that they could have few if they needed to sit down if they needed to chair yes but they. Targeted and stole mine if I don't understand. I don't know about targeted I'll give you stole years but it's not like it's. I can't imagine somebody being Lou kitty if I clear my cards right I continue cart roots there you know I mean. I I think somebody did. I I can't I can't think of any other reason why someone would go into a hallway full of chairs and pick the one that was obviously Indians. I can't either I I find it perplexing and usually in the situation because something like this'll happen. Once a month somebody you'll takes amount of studio Arnaud we know whatever just forget to put it back. And usually within about three seconds we can find it you know somebody left to do it in another part of the hallway or different studio. Not the case dream is Nolan. I'm thinking somebody stole it from me either to play joke on me all our. I guarantee get a rise out of me I'm not totally certain those seem both like things that I would do but that he pedestrians excited I can't think of and I'm not a thief who really. Would get as much enjoyment of her. Well it is indeed it is pretty fun to warnings you gotta admit it but yeah I understand that my reactions are usually pretty yet. It's hard to case of the missing shares so hopefully we'll figure that at some point this morning because of course are embittered about it ol' board. He does the kind of air guitar in your embarrassed to watch Mike Casey mornings and 995 the mountain less than a year through her went away. ABC confirmed it signed a deal. With the long running singing competition would spend fifteen seasons. On fox here are a Jimmy channels on ABC's well. Here's Sarah Jimmy confirming that announcement. I have a major television announcements are made are you heard but this network at our network ABC is bringing American Idol back. In make a move that is being praised as the most original groundbreaking idea. The year 2002 it's you don't. Used to be on fox hunting seasons it was on fox but then the ratings were too low. And ABC we swoop instead we can get them lower. I don't owners say they're like this thing. Had its prodigy grade for a long time and eventually just you know I guess who's taken over by what salute the voice in the X tractor and things like that and it became viewed as sort of old hats and then went away which is what happens but apparently now on this case fairly ABC's Celtics there's money to be made it. I will be shocked if they managed to pull that off. It doesn't take much for a social media uproar to him do little steam game a little momentum. And dogs got another one then it started to take shape a little bit yesterday ha ha excellent instinct. Oh everything that pun unintended and I I it's it's interesting because I think they're couple different sides to this story it's a surrounding dove. Did you know the dove they do what shampoo and body wash and so opened the sort of thing right personal hygiene personal hygiene right. So dubs latest marketing idea does not appear on its bottles of body wash it actually is. The bottle it's or the bottles themselves the company is rolled out limited edition body wash this is it just in the UK now in the United States. Packaged in bottles. Of various shapes. The idea being. That women come in various shapes too so if you look at their. Yeah maybe there's eight or ten different bottles shapes there's one that's very loud long. And thin there's another one that's confidence and even know what to say it's. Rounder at the bottom that it is a topic than their other ones that you know I mean so when you look at it you read the story go uh oh okay I see what they're trying to deal. Dubs version of this. Of this idea. Is that every woman's version of beauty every person's version of beauty is different. And the differences are there to be celebrate that's the you become part of the company statement on the real beauty bottles campaign. Unfortunately it seems like did the the social media primarily social media reaction. Has been very much the opposites of that yeah and you and you feel like it missed the mark a disaster if her dissent. I did I mean not nobody's ever band like. While this bottle of body rush makes me feel bad about machine for my body fights to equate the two things you don't see. Like a bottle and think oh I should be associating this with how my body X so why why you would do we need to change the shape of this to represent. What would you get would they are going right they are going for we actually want you to think about that when you were buying our products. And we want you to think that because. We have taken the step of all these bottles appearing in different shapes and sizes for very deliberate reason we want to communicate to you. Basically that we believe all women are beautiful regardless of. I give me they're trying to save the once you make the bottle look like a woman's body suddenly now your your really changing the whole idea. It he just made bottles in different shapes and colors. Which bottles come in it we all pick the one that we like the most because that's what we find beautiful and it's still bottle shape it doesn't need to be a human woman's body shape. It just yeah there's something about it makes me think like why did we need to express things. Do you feel let me ask you this do you feel like. The intent was rights. But the execution just follower on Boca they'll agree that you you can see that you could make the argument the intent was in May be in the right place but yes. Doug has been working towards body posits ready for its theory on time sent I was in college stature when they came out with their first. Add Bentley is. That featured the woman being Photoshop yes her yet Sharon and they show you just everything that goes into what makes an image that you see is perfect and how that it's not just critic yes. So they've been working at this for a long time and for the most part nailing it every single time this was a mess stabbed and that. I guess nobody's looking to the shape of their bottle to tell them that the waited they look is okay we would hope not I sincerely. Hope not so. That's not a good market you know the other thing that and I initially went before read the story not size like oh that's kind of inching idea and then I've then the more I read in this whereas like. OK I didn't see you are people who are a little frustrated by this. The one thing that somebody and remember who wrote it leapt out at me. These days they're. They're summary was your now putting a woman in a position. Of if she's looking at all these different bottles of my supposed to choose the one that looks like meat or am I supposed to choose the one that I think is. I deal or whatever. Put the position of stating a preference as to what you feel now she your feelings. Yeah now I've got to go to the checkout counter and possibly have a conversation about this that I don't really wanna have a disloyal by some body life has suddenly like your own choices as to what shaped you prefer says something about UN how you judge the ideal body of a percent an idea bodies don't need to be present represented by bottles they just don't yeah. It almost brings object to the nation indivisible transaction and is another piece you did the lessons. The great great. Well I'm glad that's an idea I didn't come up with because since I was not a let's see yeah it seems like that or Pasadena. If brewery in Denmark partnered up with the music festival. To collect the urine of people in attendance in hopes of brewing some beer from the stuff. I remember this as we did and we did the story on the show. Well they've they've pulled it off there's a new beer. Made from. Basically music fest of the urine and it's it's arrived to craft brewery. Noory bro. Brought Nouri broad brightness I think is how you pronounce agree broke Bragg is created 101000 liters of beer but they're calling. Pills in her but without DL also. Isner basically. And it's been too according people have tried it it's rather tasty. With the citrus and pine lake or Roma the brew master describes in his life it's easy to drink summer beer that would go well with the festival season. Okay our while I think it's admirable and impressive that they've proved this can be done. I'm not a 100% sure what the upside is like I I can't see if he rushing outs. I'm sure herbs people try out of curiosity. But I'm not a 100% sure that lake. Your made from urine is gonna be the next big trend. You know I mean because of them at the end of the day it's still me out of yearn and there's a huge percentage of people probably myself included who do you like. I don't think that's what I'm looking for. In a beer so I mean hats off to them for pulling off but. It's one of those just because you can doesn't mean you should sort of things at least from my perspective. What is the world's. Sexiest accent. Well line only have her on a pain we all have our opinion but according to a new international survey here is the I'm a more. Was statistical answer to that question. A majority of women surveyed. Think that British accents. Are the world's sexiest. Majority of men surveyed and I think this is interest in think that a woman with any Israeli accent. Is the sexiest now your making that face. I mean that faced you only because I'm thinking how many we don't hear that accent RF finale. Ye have but not I mean it that's selling them amazingly calm and yeah but that according to a service from The Washington Times. Israeli accent woman with an Israeli actions when men find most attractive. Women think men with British accents of the world's sexiest so what I did as I put a little of each of those together. And then because I know the Yuri answered that question is men with Australian accents. I put that at the end took so we can so we can hear all three did star I don't I'm sorry don't know this woman's name and its founder on YouTube but it's a woman speaking. In an Israeli accents peso is really then Mitt then mail British accent then mail Australian accent there. You. Might change my fingers British accent. Now you might want to do British accent because Serena play. Well maybe want to impress your friends that you want to fit in better in the UK. And now Australian. Today mates how you go and travel and frozen shrimp on the body. Let's sold go on about the outbreak if we run out of Walt so we can drink our own urine to stay hydrated and you Ali and I know. And it does not you know. And the. Jolie rooted for you know I'll my guys get a relative form because that wasn't I don't. I can use your real if you do it you know you can imagine music lets go for a walk about a tribal god I will not I'll do everything within my worries you don't bring peace back from my memory and wins and so many different level all of that was terrible like that was awful thank you I do like him. We'll work on it just or not you're a season. Questionable life choices will be engraved on his two story. Mike GC mornings and 995. The mountain and larger than the average woman spring. Further testing also shows before there's a whole story years and I didn't make a single thing yet you do it I did you but I'm kidding here attentively much smaller brain needs now it's happening tackles tails beat more slowly. Bob the scientists. Further testing showed that on ever showed me a brief 14% bigger. On average. The mail IQ. In this test is about four points. Higher than the average woman's butt to be fair the scientists also found. That women actually performed better in memory tests. Which they took to mean that women may have smaller brains in most cases. But they're more efficient and more effective in most cases you would think I mean I don't certainly is not my area of expertise but you would think that if if the average man. Is. Larger than the average woman then you move the brain size would follow up right. And man's hands and feet yeah. Odds are bigger. Exactly so it's it doesn't seem like a shocking kind of thing but you know 14% substantially different. The other thing the researchers found is that despite having 14% more brain capacity. One on vs a 100% of the man's brain is consumed with sports sexson nachos. So there's there's nothing left over to. An IQ may be higher but they're just using it it's the silly thing exactly it's completely useless you look you don't even have to debunk it idea busted for you say appreciate that I. Can see why you had to dip on conforming because your brain is baker. I'm also thinking that because you've got the bigger brain in the higher IQ in the room I should just turn this news over Helio and had a YouTube they said on average. 700 overplaying averages I should probably just a crack at my tiny eighty brain and now look at how. I feel like I have to have a I wanna have this conversation I feel like there's a pretty good chance and I'm gonna step and it. No matter what I do. But does she ran that risk just always anytime you're here yes I would I definitely so it's a different OK let's viewpoints and not feel better so normally. In in in the mornings I mean you get here before 5 o'clock in the morning I'm not saying your knots. Put together whatever what you generally partially assembled here partially assembled and as the morning progresses you'd send there'd be you know your hair may change you may have more make up its its sort of a gradual process I get myself ready for the normal people I don't tried for you don't know and understandably. Now today's a little different because you got here your regular time. What you were already all put together. And you say about done for today and I said what's what's going on why you so. You know gussy up in you said. I thought about my outfit an appearance this morning because I'm going to get my hair done and I'm getting tired and with a brand new stylist. And I want her to think I'm cool so she gives me cool. Which is at the point do you wholly and completely. Lost me you know I think trying to get you on the same pages as I am all morning what is that can do what does that mean well first impressions are real thing Eden. You judge people based on what they're wearing shirt with their make up as like what actually Harris like you can't get a sense of who you think they may be. When you're meeting a stylus for the first time not only are you asking them to Alter your appearance you don't have a lot of time to really build that relationship. So they don't know a lot about she sure they're making physical aesthetic changes to you without knowing a whole lot about WR. In life so I feel like in order to get a really cool. Very instant Graham where the styling color today I need to show up looking like somebody who would have instead Graham where the hate. OK and while that makes sense let me just pick and let me ask you this inane. But at business style transaction particularly of this nature don't you usually just go in and tell the stylist kind of what you want and they do it. I never get what I want Haley skidded toned down version of what I want and I'm starting to think it's because they just think I'm too basic. Still lawyers say if I understand you correctly is you have to. Verbally just like the rest of us do you have to verbally say well this is what I'm thinking of doing with my hair. But then whatever you're wearing and your current outfitting your current. The you know your current motif. Pastor reflected that's really what you want otherwise the stylus is not gonna give you what you want yes it would not not going to I just run the risk of not getting one. And this is your okay with this I'm not okay you witness but it's how a gutless and so I'm just trying to preemptively. Ward off another basic hair color. And finally get something super cool. Because she will think oh this girl is so cool obviously she'd just want sending a little more out there a little more. She's not just a business lady who thinks it would be fine today. One league now me I'm not inflationary. I have never once gotten exactly what I wanted to sell either I'm headed explaining what I lines. Show the wrong pictures or I presents the wrong image so today I'm just really making sure. That everything does exactly how I want it to you and it would super cool hair. Oca that makes sense to me and I thank you for explain that to me I would just like to say in closing that smile observation would be. If you were conducting some sort of business with a with a man with a male figure. Who did not give you actually what you wanted you would lose your mind. I'd like but I also expect that to happen I expect the worst of everybody which is why. It just different for us so this is though you're just like alleges he do better do better job of presenting myself that word guy you'd be right. I have never doing business have you now I have done everything writes if I still don't get it and half it's ideal. Look a kitten. I chilly tonight we came in suited up with your irons configure. The new summertime treat that's what they're calling it cold Pepsi fire it's a Pepsi slur. Flavored with red hot cinnamon. Unfortunately online reviews to this point of the new drink have a bin not so great. Lots of comment to claim the drink is quote gross because it chase overwhelmingly. Like synthetic red hot flavoring. It seems like that's would retain slight if you wanna drag yourself the slur do is only available 7-Eleven. Online rumors claim. That the Pepsi fire will soon be available in chance. John love this country just gotta love it. 63% of men think that women mainly Wear make up. Should trick people into thinking they're attractive. Compared this did before you did. It's not. So all. Compare this to just 36%. Of people in the service okay this is good playoffs Wellesley thought that 36% of people in the survey. Who thinks that men mainly grow beards. In order to hide. Facial imperfections. Like weak chin her acne scars or something like that's a 63% of men. Surveyed think the women mean we were meager to treat people nothing attractive 36%. Relatively the other side thinks now and I eight. Why for saluted the story my first instinct was to say that this is a reminder. That that we collectively as a society is human beings we are unbelievably. A shallow. Peddy inherently distrustful CPC he's. Blake who 63%. Or even 36%. Like for all world just afraid to Diebler. Try to pull one over on us we're paranoid yeah yeah now were also really sexist. It's strange looking man near a society is not only the prettiest reflection. Emotional make up by triple in the. Thinking about. So but a Billiton shed that nobody and I I agree that this isn't the numbers are slightly. Different 63% 36% but. I don't know I guess I wouldn't read Devin look at Doug and drove the first thing that jumped out at me would not be sexist it would just be that we're inherently distrustful of each other content across the board. I didn't and perhaps that too. In certain circumstances our expectations of men and women are completely different they are so completely different now this is sixty. He percent of Matt. 60% of men believe that women Wear make up to trek. You today to trick trick people not to treat them. How he trick other Pete I'm sure they're very concerned about the other women in the war on tracking yeah men as you know we're generally very concerned about so other than ourselves. Elaine is all about guys got to police the actions of others otherwise you just you know otherwise things are carrying it I absolutely. I just think this is so ridiculous men have so many opinions and women make up your either wearing too much you're not wearing enough you looked tired. You're trying too hard to other people's faces alone in fairness they were asked it's true it's not as they relate to running on a streak joy. I GAAP and I they were sir sorry to let everyone now from general female perspective. May god is not warned it trick others thinking you're more attractive. Yeah I that that's the other thing that kind of stuck out to me it felt like if there's 60% of people that believe. That that's true. I don't I'm not sure what my give it some sort of what sorcery or something don't it. We'll have an opinion it's been floated around by aid men everywhere since Shakespearean times so it's not a new song that's what are we old. Things stitched to try and make ourselves you know field. Feel better about the bottom not seen it right but. You know we all make choices every day that that. Yeah I think medical we are nice seats are trying to trick others into thinking their more hassle and and this is what I'm saying it's a desolate comb overs are tricking people into thinking they're not ball Newsome in order to have unhealthy. If if it. It's good it's the tricky part. Did seems very like that's a very loaded word in this I think is right because again we all do we all make choices like that and we all do. The things that that Beale make us feel better about ourselves and and therefore make us feel more confident in their four make this deal will look more track. It has nothing to do about you the observer and everything to do with the person who is putting on the make them expressing themselves sent about tricky deal. He cares that much about year brain that's sure. OK I think we agree but it's solid like your Mac we re absolutely I think we just a green for very different. That could be I'm one of those being here man who's probably never worn makeup and I'm a woman being accused of tricking people sense that you are the disconnect. When you put it that way. Okay. New studies found that if you swear. You know. You will perform better while working while working out researchers out of vote Keeley university in UK. Had such one Eva collection of 21 year old pedal on the stationary bike. As hard as they could once while swearing. And once while not swearing when they were letting the curse words fly their performance was up to 4% better. And when they were clean mouth in the in the process of running the stationary bike. The teams that well there's one thing and I'd intensely dislike about the survey and another thing that I find interesting the interesting thing is in you have talked about this before. Well we assigned reassigned meanings to words. Right early ran Greg told randomly so what we is society determined or swear words are bad words or things you don't say. That's just an assignment we've given in other other than that they have they don't mean anything other than you know. It did they don't. They're no different than any other words that we create like pencil to paper where they are all completely random sounds that we've assigned to mean an object aren't saying her feeling that's a much more eloquent way to say yes so why a you would you would get up to a 4% boost in physical activity by using those words seems really. Odd to me like I have a hard time figuring out why that would be. The second part is I think this only encourages those slate the state kid dudes is the gym who laid. Do things like that you like swear in the outs waits around in through you know like I I don't know did I miss this study is good for that sort of. They studies get for that thing because there's thirteen points to add response now trying to sell quickly one while words are completely random and assigned meaning based on nothing. You can't pretend like have me true words are very powerful and some Cingular where it's have. A whole lot of me yes there have been tons of studies that shall. Using swear words likes wearing releases stress hormones from your brains he actually do feel better when you saint and good point. Ands I yeah I did isn't just supply to meet heads at the gym a friend of mine teaches fitness classes when I take class with her. It's not like when I may it added jam with lots of other people where I'm dead silent it's meet her taking class and something's heart. You can. Yeah I'm Maggie appropriate. Sugar deal guy like any yes your image released two I just have to say it because Karen this is really difficult yeah. I think that any other time in your life means half. All in the it is when you like kick the coffee table with your tone when you're. I pray that him being that your immediate instinct it's really only one word and that's the smell good this feels that Houston when you get so many different combination true. There are a lot of different options yeah I don't OK so there's benefit to it we don't spend it and now I think he anyone who's ever on rock climbing at the gym next to me has hurt. Pretty much everything and bring you to climbing day McCain Kennedy version who's ever been within eight feet have you heard. Keep an appropriate and never sent anything awful on here lets you are gonna right away. And he marches to the beat of a different drummer for very hard of hearing imbalanced inner ear infection drummer. Mike JC mornings on the mountain.