Mike Casey Podcast 4-25-2017

Tuesday, April 25th

A tennis match gets interupted by some unexpected lovers, Mike raps about an asteroid, and gives you social media tips.  


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Illegal acts and Sunni region accident just don't pretend that just is it to have you look like and learn I do I know you've always funny is I was in the processing of matching up our today's question impossible picture without interval the market because you kind of have like a screen T ball from my. A good point. And it looked like some earlier eyelashes doesn't he hey I don't know what happened and I am new definition photogenic let's dispute and we could only make an I don't wanna be doing this place well generally because I don't wanna be doing he just like lecture basin. He not help basically your face just make your face that are. Now on I'll put my left cheek forward. He may not be the swallows this guy in the world but he's got the biggest foreheads. Mike Casey mornings and 995 the mountain you can now get rose wine. In a forty ounce bottle. Thanks to those company called forty ounce wines. Interestingly enough which are produced in the Loire Valley by French winemaker. Julianne brawl on credit so he Purdue in their forty ounce wine bottles. It's just rose at this point I would imagine if it catches on you probably see some other different options out there the companies called forty ounce winds. Produced in the Loire Valley by French winemaker Julian bro look at that's. They're bringing a little bit of a week bridge to the Lauren Valle who could've seen that come. There's an asteroid. Relatively close severe yet closer at MySpace terms it's still very far away in his tank and ambient Armageddon situation note though it's one no just over a million miles will be as close as he gets. As it's you know as it comes close to your that's like five times the distance of the moon so it's still pretty far but it's. It's really big it's and it's a 2000 foot wide space show. Hello my. Casey at that Astra. It's so. It's like six pumping out his diet who understand that reference anyway it's a very strange match that I. I mean it's just so Bob I like 2008. Beginning a couple of it's just so so you just. I like big after the cannot lives besides his kids did not. When that rock slide by with the super delegates could slow now out in space science done from a telescope for the wanna see this up close got a case that. Accurate player and I'm loaded gun violence there and oh maybe I'll wanna get which. We'll take your picture NASA tried to warn me but I love asteroid please don't do what he only builds space truck. Nice job so soon leave school leave but don't you try to fool me. I see their actions could calculate out your message not wet. The threat would faster than Turbo jet. I'm tired of science journals say in these years now that they don't take your average ordinary investor day. You don't have that asteroid space geek yeah it's crazy out wanna go have some fun it's got to watch it. Watch it still spins around the sun. Yeah yeah I've. That summarizes everything that was in the song yeah and and and pays a little tribute to sir mix a lot of the same time so I just I really don't know if there's anything else we can say about that now there are some actual scientific facts and your welcome yeah the only other Russo of great science fact so there's your sign story on the Astrid. Now you know yeah we're great rappers yeah. Environmental experts say one million plastic water bottles reach the ocean each year this of course is a problem. But I'm BO environmentally speaking but it's a problem that could be solved by new invention. Called the edible water bubble. The credible water bubble British company called skipping rocks lab. Has created a biodegradable. Inaudible membrane. Made of seaweed act extract that can be filled with water. May you visionary edible membrane made of seaweed extract it can be filled with water the product name from skipping rocks lab. Is called who who. OO HO. Who supposedly can terror opened The Who who import the watering your mouth. Or you can just keep the whole thing because it's you know it's made of seaweed extract to biodegradable. Edible membrane it looks weird it looks a little. Future risks you know I mean did you can be in picture they did looks visually strange. I don't know that I would one elect eat the whole thing was in terms like tearing it open in Torrey in your mouth as that that seemed like it would be okay. And he'll have do water bottles and cups and all that stuff and another layer of the best way to choose your profile picture used to have a complete stranger do it for you. Researchers in Australia found the people make terrible choices when selecting flattering photos of themselves for online profiles show. If far particularly if you're in the online dating world I would think. If you wanna put your best face forward and enjoys much success out there online dating in social media. The idea SaaS someone else to take your picture and to have someone else choose the picture for you. Dubs say Y two says it sounds like we're not good at evaluating. Photos of herself I I'm grated about doing for this myself they're all pretty doubt it and I know it's so. That's. What was the weaknesses now become distract. The surprising news survey has found each. I guess it's a little surprising 25%. Point five per one and four people. Have fantasized about their Smartphone voice assistant like seer. And is not the main ones right serial Lex 25 point 5% of people. Have had I've ever fantasized about Smartphone voices is that the survey also found that 37% of users admits. That they love their voice assistant show much that they wish it were real person. Thirty so let's won in this more than one in three people that that seems and again I understand jittery surely there's a gap here. That seems very sad to me. Did you hear it I mean I realize it was a movie about it yet with liking Phoenix and struck out as Scarlett Johansson which totally changes the bill that. Whole scenario there but like I don't even the only thing I've ever said into my phone minus phone calls. All sometimes you can talk to text thing I've never talked to Syria or elects don't ever talk to Syria I there. It just the whole idea of kind of weird me out so the idea that one in four people who McKay yeah Siri what are you doing later. I think can identify of the small part offense because back when there is the GPS systems that you would have in your car yes they would talk steal yet. I changed mind to have an Australian man sacked hunt for so when I was driving you feel like Alley ten right now and be like I'll do it after. I think he's telling her it's sector back. So that's a little that because you had a fascination would that accidents. As I understand if I'm gonna have someone Bosnia around it may as well be what in my mind is a sexy Australian OK I didn't think about that that kind of makes sense for the gay and having never really use those. Functions on my phone and a 125% one point four people so if you sometimes feel that way. Good news is you're not alone. He ran for mayor he'd lose in a landslide. To a napkin like Jaycee mornings and 99 fudge the mountain the world. Is making its college students. Wake up too early fart you were early most colleges have classes this are at 8 AM. This study found the classic shouldn't start until at least 11 AM. To Foster the best learning in students this is not the same for every single student by it. People in their teens and early twenties tend to have a different biological clock. And those of us who were are older than that of the study found it to one ratio. Of night owls too early birds in terms of college age students. And their suggestion based on this study. Is to offer more online classes that allow students to start whenever their best ready to learn is there takeaway and not sorely it makes sense to me. I certainly remember that from that period of my life that you like it o'clock in morning Phil ridiculously early. The only thing you're the only thing I would say that in opposition to this is one of the important things that I think you learn if not in college shortly thereafter. You learn that as a general rule. The world does not conform to what you need. Or what is best for you it. I unless you're incredibly phenomenally ridiculously gifted in some way shape or form. Do you tend to conform to what the world needs from you. And of the average work day stays around eight to five or somewhere around there the sooner you get more comfortable with that idea. The better again that's not true in every case that she's been. That's been my observation speaking as somebody who wakes up at 3 o'clock in the morning and not necessarily by choice in the absence. If you've ever been jealous of what someone else's ordered for dinner you're definitely not alone. Nine Indy 1%. Of Americans have experienced this forum. Of food NG according to a survey conducted by Opentable and Harris poll and get this all of those he's who'd experienced food Indy which owns les pretty much all of us. 30% of those incidents one in three roughly have brought attention to the table. Meaning like people of I somebody gonna guess didn't wanna share what they matter that they want to deuce and people are now fighting about it. Well I mean if you make a powerful new choice it's your own Paula said that's on since her own phones to get to eat cell yeah happy with some big problems. I don't get that very much like now Embraer and rarely very rarely because I've. Once I've made food choice I stick with him. I mean I'm not I'm not opposed to sharing or or when you know vice Versa but I'm never really don't know really wish I had my account I don't get that kind of food and. I typically get and be wary thank Alex so and mine looks like it hurt by it. It doesn't his her ties Elliot Mintz and it's wonderful I mean maybe it's a fleeting thought of on their wish I'd ordered that have Clinton. Once you get over like basic playground jealousy in his life. He's kind of gotten over food and yes fisticuffs at that table over food that seems like a bad idea but if you've had food and meat you know alone 91% of Americans I would say I'd a deadly slot a person fraternity without boat tries. I wouldn't think anybody within arm's length of year. Of of what you wish he could be sent silverware is there to defend your food technology and rip. Another reason to take a long launch new research published in the American journal of clinical nutrition reveals. Then if you are trying to lose weight your biggest meal of the day should be at lunch that's right I'll preface not dinner and obviously not really anything in between those two. Or after dinner but in the middle of the day. I would imagine based on their study that's when your metabolism sort of at its peak performance. You are. You know you can afford to have your largest meal because you vote your your more efficiently using its. That's a moralist mean that second part up but it's on a pretty efficient in official didn't. I'm gonna ask you and it's going to be I think a little bit difficult because of the way the Saudi was recorded but to the best of your ability. This is a recording come must sensibly and audio recording probably made on a phone. Of a of a tennis match that's going on crime and and it's DC it's the sounds in between the sounds. That I actually want you to more specifically listened for our current this is a if tennis match between. Mitchell Kruger. And Francis T awful this was at the Sarasota open in Florida a little bit earlier. This week cracked a direct. 3015. I still hear it. It's still going. What is going again act. Yeah I yeah I'd like listen. Then all of a sudden a Kennedy picked team. I still hear that the I don't think I'm. He's gonna look back. No and it's not a phone. That is. That's an apartment. Across the plea on the other. Thing I see you've figured out what that sound too. Like that. Now that I like is it is in an arm. Yeah it's very difficult to think of it first and then when you hear it's you can't find me another. I can't if you didn't hear what the it was Francis tee off of one of the tennis players the heat. He picked up a ball in the kitty in the direction. Of the apartment knew what he said is it can't be good that's really understood the right now clearly was much more audible if you were in that particular. Place at the time. The they did finally finish the match. Mr. CFO ended up winning the the unusually sexy match. In which for the first time ever I think the word love in tennis we're connected to completely different way than they had been before at the Sarasota open. This across the lake at an apartment building. All of the poor people will be lit apartment seriously what is sure to all these people all my guys that are all of their super sounds true of these non golf. It'd in an apartment building in Sierra snow and a winning funeral but his across only carries across the water out so there are a lot of things coming together. Didn't and I kind of the perfect storm of of orgasm right an and it's completely silent or should be completely silent at the tennis match just close by and it's so yeah honey I can't wait to see two feet. Who'd who'd actually what they'll be on the tradition within the week I think you've found mice. Favorite funny news story yet of how do you I thought you'd like that one I had there was some couple times and I was like. I don't look bad it's only signature personal lives of us I was glad that tennis match I would have been like. But even I've 500 million hasn't Michael aren't they apparently department building. The only way to Sarasota who. Mike's random thoughts Argentines. To the airwaves they should. Did the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain.