Mountain of Gratitude: Project Sanctuary


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Project Sanctuary's Mission

Project Sanctuary helps military families THRIVE through an evidenced-based program built on compassionate advocacy, providing resiliency and reintegration tools, and reestablishing HOPE.

Check out Mike & Allie as they discuss Project Sanctuary with CEO/Founder Heather Ehle:

Some of the incredible people sharing their experiences with us today:

Andra Thomas:

Andra Thomas served in the US Army for 27 years. In that time, he missed many milestones, birthdays, sports games, and moments in his son's life. Thomas says Project Sanctuary helped he and his family connect, and recover some of those missed moments and memories. Thomas and his family continue to volunteer with Project Sanctuary, and provide meaningful experiences for veterans and their families.

Listen to Andra's story HERE.

Jen Burch

Jen Burch is a USAF Combat Veteran and an advocate for veterans issues. Jen has struggled with PTSD after returning from combat, and now works to help fellow veterans succeed in civilian life. She currently serves as a Director for the non-profit organization Valor Bridge, and as an advocate for military issues in D.C.



Bonnie Walton

Bonnie Walton and her family attended a retreat at Project Sanctuary in 2015. Tragically, in 2016, Bonnie's husband, Corporal Brian Walton, ended his own life. Bonnie, moved by the experience she and her family had at Project Sanctuary, relocated from her home in Indiana to work with the organization full-time.​

Listen to Bonnie's story HERE.


Scott Lee

Scott Lee served in the US Army and now works as a counselor at Project Sanctuary. He dedicates his time towards helping families create special moments, and strengthen their bond at retreats.

Listen to Scott's story HERE.



Joshua Deeds:

Sgt Joshua Deeds served as a US Marine. In 2012 he was medically retired due to severe PTSD and multiple traumatic brain injuries. Deeds and his family attended a Project Sanctuary retreat after his retirement, and he credits the organization with helping his family stay together. He now works with Walton's Warriors, and provides support to other veterans suffering from PTSD.

Listen to Joshua's story HERE.

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