Question ALMOST Impossible

Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 4/24

Monday 4/24 Q: This is contagious, but is NOT a disease. A: Rude Behavior. Tuesday 4/25 Q: This is in every state except Vermont. A: Target. Congrats to former Target employee Lucas! You're going to see Chicago & The Doobie Brothers. Wednesday 4/26 Q: It takes the average person 20 minutes to...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 4/17

Monday 4/17 Q: The average person spends 23 minutes a day doing this . A: Doing the dishes. Emily guessed the answer correctly and is headed to see Roger Waters at the Pepsi Center! Tuesday 4/18 Q: Scientists say this has 40 times more germs than a public restroom. A: An elevator. Enjoy those Roger...
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Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 4/10

Monday 4/10 Q: This lasts an average of 11 minutes. A: A dream. Congrats to Kyle, today's winner! Tuesday 4/11 Q: Most people who have done this have only done it once. A; Rollerblading. Congrats to Joey who finally answered this tricky question! Wednesday 4/12 Q:Couples who do this have happier...
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