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Three Things You Need to Know on July 26th

Eleven House Republicans are attempting to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. They accuse Rosenstein of not responding to demands for documents about the Russia probe. They also accuse him of having a conflict of interest in the probe. Today's the deadline for the Trump administration...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 25th

President Trump announced a plan to provide federal assistance to farmers hurt by tariffs and the resulting trade war. The Trump administration said yesterday it will offer 12-billion-dollars in aid as a short-term solution. The administration is working on trade deals in the long-term. Ivanka...
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Celebrate "Moon Day" by buying the "Brady Bunch House" and/or stealing your date's car! 7-20-18

What do you need to know on this fine Friday? This. This is what you need to know. 1. It was 49 years ago today, July 20, 1969, that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to ever walk on the Moon ! (Too bad we still can't get a wi-fi signal in our studio....ahem...) 2. If you have 1.9...
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Casey Sucks at Sprinklers and Monkeys in Home Depot! 7-19-18

Things you may be interested in on this fine Thursday in July: 1. Billy Joel celebrated his 100th show at Madison Square Garden yesterday . The Governor declared it Billy Joel Day in New York and Springsteen joined him on stage! (Take THAT, Christie Brinkley.) 2. THIS story says we're supposed to...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 19th

It's going to be hot today in Denver! The high is expected to be near 100, approaching the record of 101 set back in 2005. The National Weather Service says temperatures will remain in the mid-90s at least through Saturday. Things could be slightly cooler on Sunday, so you'll have to wait until...
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National Hot Dog Day!

Happy National Hot Dog Day! Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Important things to know today: 1. Today is National Hot Dog Day! Go get yourself one (or more) or we going to call you downright UnAmerican! 2. American League won the All Star Game AGAIN. #yawn Rockies Trevor Story hit one of the ten total homers in the game. Yay! 3. Disagreeing with your wife...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 18th

President Trump appears to be making an about-face on a controversial comment he made during his joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. Trump read a statement yesterday saying he misspoke when he said he has no reason to believe Russia would be involved in meddling...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 17th

President Trump is getting a lot of bipartisan criticism regarding his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During a press conference with Putin in Helsinki, Trump tried to cast more doubt on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Many senators, condress people and...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 16th

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a one-day summit in Helsinki this morning. The two met for nearly two hours, and allegations of Russian influence in the election were discussed. Putin and Trump insisted that there was no collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign...
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