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Three Things You Need to Know on August 14th

London's counterterrorism unit is leading the investigation after a man drove his car into security barriers outside Parliament and injured several people. Police arrested the driver. Two people were hospitalized for injuries but one of them has already been released. One other person was treated...
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 13th

It's been one year since the protests in Charlottesville Virginia. A counterprotester, Heather Heyer, was killed when a man drove his car into a crowd. Yesterday, police arrested four people during a day of demonstrations. Hundreds gathered to commemorate the violent confrontations, several partook...
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 10th

The NFL preseason is officially underway. A number of NFL players are continuing their protest during the national anthem. Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson knelt during the anthem, while teammate Robert Quinn raised his fist last night before the Dolphins' game against...
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 9th

Republican New York Congressman Chris Collins arrested on charges of insider trading. Collins pleaded not guilty to charges related to shares of an Australian biotech company. Collins said the charges are meritless, and that he plans to fight them. Collins added that he won't be commenting further...
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 7th

Four states (Kansas, Ohio, Michigan and Washington) are holding primary elections today. Some of these races could potentially change the face of Congress in November. The first wave of U.S. sanctions on Iran that had been suspended by the 2015 nuclear agreement, snapped back into place at a minute...
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 6th

Police arrested 20 people in Berkeley, California yesterday, as alt-right demonstrators fought with counter-protesters in the streets but there are no reports of large-scale violence. The protest came just a day after another right-wing rally in Portland, Oregon and a week ahead of a planned Unite...
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 3rd

President Trump says his administration is being hindered by "the Russian hoax." Trump made this statement at a rally in Pennsylvania yesterday, and also said he had a great meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Trump's national security team warned that Russia was continuing...
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 1st

States across the country are working their way towards decriminalizaing, or even legalizing marijuana. New York City will no longer prosecute cases of marijuana possession starting today. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said yesterday that his office will no longer prosecute such cases...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 31st

Paul Manafort goes on trial today in Alexandria, Virginia. Manafort was a former campaign manager for President Trump, and has pleaded not guilty to more than 30 counts of bank and tax fraud and failure to file reports on foreign financial accounts. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team is...
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It's Friday! Don't Piss Off Your Bartender!

Things of note for your Friday, July 27, 2018 1. Feel like your Doctor doesn't listen to you? Bet you're right, according to this story. 2. On today's Question Almost Impossible, we learned that pretty much everyone thinks men are AWFUL. Also- we tend to forget birthdays . #malefale Whoops. 3. Hang...
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