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Three Things You Need to Know on July 16th

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a one-day summit in Helsinki this morning. The two met for nearly two hours, and allegations of Russian influence in the election were discussed. Putin and Trump insisted that there was no collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 12th

The NATO summit in Brussels wrapped up today. President Trump says NATO allies are agreeing to spend more on defense, and now he's off to Britain for two days. Trump will spend time in meetings with Prime Minister Theresa May, and Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. Maybe he'll pick up some decor...
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Drunken Seagulls, Annoying Co-Workers, and ... Barbie Feet?

Important-ish things happening today, July 11, 2018: National 7-Eleven Day: Otherwise known as “Free Slurpee Day”! National Blueberry Muffin Day National Mojito Day and Tube to Work Day in Boulder! (Crazy hippies….) The George Clooney accident was captured by street surveillance camera . It's a 30...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 11th

The crisis at the US-Mexico border continues and the Trump administration has said they will likely miss the deadline to reunite about 100 migrant children with their parents. U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw said 63 kids still need to be reunited. Officials say 38 kids have been reunited with their...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 10th

We're happy to kick off Tuesday with some good news. All the boys and a youth soccer coach have been rescued from the flooded cave in Thailand. Rescuers brought out the last four boys and the coach today. The group is currently being treated at a hospital. Last night, President Trump announced his...
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Three Things You Need to Know on July 9th

It's Monday, July 9th, what's going on in this crazy world of ours? President Trump is expected to announce his choice of nominee to the Supreme Court tonight. Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he was retiring a few weeks ago, leaving an open space on the bench. Kennedy has been on the court since...
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Evicted by Mom and Dad

It can be tough to move out of your parent's house, and we assume it's even tougher when the courts get involved. A couple in Syracuse, New York, recently resorted to the legal system to force their 30-year-old son to move out. Christina and Mark Rotondo claimed their son, Michael, was refusing to...
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AUDIO: They found what? Where?

Playboy legend Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 on Wednesday. Hef started the Playboy empire with his very first publication back in 1953. That magazine featured Marilyn Monroe as the centerfold, but we're sure the articles also got a lot of attention. Megyn Kelly is off to a rough start on the...
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AUDIO: Allie's Back!

Feels like Hartwick has been gone for a million years. Now she's back, and so is Casey's headache. Guess Who's Back...
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