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Three Things You Need to Know on August 21st

Danes are surprised and angry that President Trump is canceling a state visit two weeks from now. On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that he was canceling his visit because Denmark refuses to sell Greenland. Former Prime Minister Helle Throning-Schmidt reacted by tweeting, "Deeply insulting to the people of...
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Queen Week: Allie's Top 5 Favorite Queen Tunes

It's Queen Week on 99.5 The Mountain! I'm Allie Hartwick- you can hear me weekday mornings from 6-9am with Mike Casey. Here are my favorite Queen songs. 5. I Want to Break Free - Great song complete with a video that was banned in the US because the band dressed in drag. Love it on a lot of levels...
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American dads are older than ever! 

Plus Marijuana health benefits, a testicle festivale!, pumpkin spice is running rampant, amazon prime delivers booze, smart people swear a lot, and the Patridge family turns 41. 
Would you admit you got fired on for a free burger? Casey thinks this ad campaign is a little off the mark. 

Plus Question Almost Impossible, Target wine, flirting at the gym, someone gets a really bad Floyd Mayweather tattoo, and Casey has a new diet for you. 
There are ways you can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Find links to donate online to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army below. As a reminder, it's always recommended to give to reputable organizations and research any organization you donate to online.