LISTEN: Dan Hardee Chats With Kevin Cronin Of REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon plays A Taste of Colorado on Saturday, September 1st. I got to chat with lead singer Kevin Cronin about his first guitar and how it made the school bullies suddenly look up to him.
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Mike talks to Steve Perry about the inspiration behind his first album in well over 20 years, why he walked away from stardom, and the musical moment that changed his life as a kid!

LISTEN: Dan Hardee Chats With Danny Hutton Of 'Three Dog Night'

Three Dog Night is playing the Paramount Theatre on Thursday night, May 17th and Dan Hardee got to chat with lead singer and founder Danny Hutton about the band name, his start in music and what fans can expect at the show.
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LISTEN: Dan Hardee chats with Sammy Hagar

Dan Hardee recently got to chat with Sammy Hagar about his new birthday bash movie "Red Til I'm Dead", how he stays in such great shape, and the one time he dabbled in making mountain bikes.
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LISTEN: Dan Hardee Inteviews Great White's Michael Lardie

Getting ready for their show Friday night at Buffalo Rose in Golden, Dan Hardee chatted with Great White's Michael Lardie.
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