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AUDIO: At Least Alexa Understands

Amazon has applied for a patent on something it calls a "voice sniffer algorithm." This program would identify key words in conversations happening near an Amazon listening device and use them to target advertisements to the specific individual. Seem scary? Yea, we thought so too. That may be one...
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AUDIO: Blowing up Asteroids IRL

There's a very slim cance an asteroid might be heading towards Earth one day, but NASA has a plan . The plan might also seem... a little familiar. NASA says the asteroid, known as Bennu, has a one in 2,700 chance of striking Earth in September of 2135. While that's not a very good chance, they're...
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AUDIO: We Can Almost Read Minds

Guessing what someone is thinking may soon be a thing of the past. A scientist from Washington University believes we will have the technology to read minds by 2038. Dr. Eric Leuthardt says he is confident that in around 20 years, humans will be able to get brain transplants that connect the brains...
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AUDIO: Let's Get Pizza Wasted

It's fairly common to have a drink with pizza, but what if you could somehow combine the two into one? Now, you can! A restaurant in Philadelphia has developed a vodka-infused pizza . They've figured out how to infuse the crust with vodka and add vodka to the toppings. This pizza packs a punch and...
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AUDIO: Watch Out For Secondhand Weed Smoke

This is something we might want to be worried about here in Denver, where the air always has a faint smell of weed. Secondhand marijuana smoke may be worse for you than secondhand cigarette smoke. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco say smoke from marijuana is three times...
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