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AUDIO: Is This Sandwich Great, or Gross?

We've heard of most peanut butter combinations, but we'd never heard of this: peanut butter and pickles. The New York Times tweeted out a recipe for a peanut butter and pickle sandwich and opinions on the internet were very divided. The sandwich has been celebrated by a ton of people for years, but...
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AUDIO: Gotta Pick, Husband or BFF?

If you had to choose between spending time with your husband, or your best friend, which would you choose? According to recent survey , 50 percent of the women respondents chose their BFF. The survey also revealed that 30 percent of women said they prefer to have drinks with their friends and 60...
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Snow, Schmow, It's Opening Day!

It's the unofficial start of Summer, and it true Denver fashion, it's snowing. Hooray! Snow or no snow, we'll still be down at Coors Field, cheering on the Rockies for the first home game of their 25th season! Planning to streatch Opening Day into Opening Night? Careful how many friends you invite...
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AUDIO: Don't Snort Condoms, Light Farts

When will internet challenges start doing some good again? The newest one involves snorting condoms. Gross. The general idea is to unwrap a condom, snort it up one nostril, and then pull it back through your mouth. Health officials are also warning that it's unsafe for a number of reasons. While we...
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AUDIO: At Least Alexa Understands

Amazon has applied for a patent on something it calls a "voice sniffer algorithm." This program would identify key words in conversations happening near an Amazon listening device and use them to target advertisements to the specific individual. Seem scary? Yea, we thought so too. That may be one...
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