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Getting By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Friends are important, but according to a new study, they may be crucial to your happiness! Harvard researchers determined that having good relationships with your friends positively affects almost every aspect of your life. And, the whole "lone wolf" thing isn't so great. In fact, these...
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AUDIO: That'll be $40 for the Date

Some men feel like women owe them something after a date. A guy in Indiana expressed that sentiment literally . After not rerutning several text messages from a man following a date, 23 year old Amanda Burnett was sent an invoice for her food and drinks on said date. She even took a photo for proof...
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AUDIO: Happy Tax Day to You!

Today is the day, we all pay (or get paid by) Uncle Sam. According to a survey , 24 percent would get an IRS tattoo if it meant never having to pay taxes again. Some people, who really hate paying taxes, would stop talking for 6 months, and 11 percent would name their child “Taxes” if they could...
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AUDIO: Hand Dryers are Basically Poop Flingers

We all know that hand dryers are the most environmentally-friendly of hand sanitization options, but they may not be the most sterile. A new study from the University of Connecticut finds they spread fecal matter onto people's hands.Scientists found bathroom bacteria from feces gets "aerosolized"...
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AUDIO: Over on Lannister Lane

Idaho is pretty far from Kings Landing, but one town is making some adjustments that may inspire the Targaryens to plot a takeover. A new subdivision of homes being built in the town of Kuna will feature streets with names of characters from Game of Thrones. Some names that have been accepted so...
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