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AUDIO: Late is Great

If you are that fried who's always late, guess what? You're an optimist who's probably going to outlive all those punctual people! A study found that people who are chronically late have more optimistic personality traits, and that has a major impact on overall health and life expectancy. Most...
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Look Good, Talk Better

Talk isn't cheap, it's actually pretty important! A survey by dating site Plenty of Fish found that 74 percent of singles feel good conversation is a better indication of chemistry than physical attraction. 63 percent said the best way to identify a compatible partner on a dating app is through...
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AUDIO: What Does Uranus Smell Like?

It's the planet with the funniest name, and we have to know, what smell does Uranus have on its surface? Because the universe is an incredible place, and Dad Jokes rule, the clouds on Uranus are made up mostly of the gas hydrogen sulfide. They smell mostly like sulphur, which smells like, you...
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AUDIO: How Often Should You REALLY Wash Your Car?

How often do you wash your car? Once a month? Every Six weeks? As needed? Or, are you on the Hartwick plan of never? Well according to vehicle experts, cars should get a scrub-down every two weeks . Because of our (typically) gorgeous weather here in CO, you can maybe get by with every three or...
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AUDIO: Relieve Some @#*!$ Stress

Sometimes, it feel really great to shout out a big, bad four-letter word. A ccording to a new survey , swearing is the way most of us deal with stress. 63 percent say they swear to express frustration, and that first curse word of the day usually happens around 11 a.m. We're all about stress relief...
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AUDIO: Stock up on Snacks Today

Today is April 20th, known to some as 4/20- the unofficial stoner holiday. There's a big event happening here in Denver, and as you might imagine, people are stocking up on junk food for later. Here are the most popular stoner snacks: 10. Top Ramen, 9. Gummy Worms, 8. Pizza Rolls, 7. Doritos, 6...
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