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AUDIO: Light Vodka?

Ketel One vodka is coming out with a new product that isn't quite vodka, but it's close. Ketel One Botanical will have less alcohol and fewer calories than the original Why botanical then?). At 30% ABV it won't technically qualify as vodka, which requires 40% ABV, so the label will read "made with...
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Whining Is Just Fine!

Do you ever just need to vent about your day? According to a new study , complaining about work might actually be good for you, when it's done alongside your co-workers. Researchers from the University of Melbourne found that whining helps employees work through their problems, but it also helps co...
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AUDIO: Dating Across the Aisle

Could you date someone with different political views than yours? A new survey conducted by dating site Plenty Of Fish, revealed that 59 percent of singles won't start talking to someone whose dating profile reflects a political view that is opposite of theirs. However, nearly all of these singles...
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AUDIO: Shark vs. Bear vs. Dylan

What are the odds of being attacked by a shark and a bear within a year? The answer is around 1-in-500,000,000 , about the same as winning the Powerball. 20-year-old Dylan McWilliams is either really lucky, or really unlucky, because he was actually attacked by a shark, just one year after being...
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AUDIO: Get In The Cry Closet

Ever have so much work to do, you just want to cry? As college students get ready for finals, there are plenty of tears to be shed. In an interesting move, a student at the University of Utah has created a "Cry Closet" in the library to provide students a space to let out some of that stress and...
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