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AUDIO: Men Spend More Than Women While Drunk Shopping

Maybe you've been there before. It's Thursday night, you've had a glass or two of wine, and that Amazon cart just lookd more and more tempting. Why yes, you DO need that sweatshirt you've been drooling over. You're not alone. According to a new study, the average American spent $448 on drunk...
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AUDIO: It's National Napping Day!

We're really missing that extra hour today! In honor of the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, it's National Napping Day! So curl up under your desk and maybe catch a few z's. Today might be rough, losing that hour, but every day is rough for most men in China. There's an extreme gender gap right...
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AUDIO: Now There's A National Prom-posal Day

Heard of a Prom-posal? Basically it's an elaborate way for teenagers to ask their date to Prom, and this Sunday is National Prom-posal Day . Man, kids are planning this in advance! Isn't Prom in May? Even so, Casey and Hartwick are not at all bitter about the fact that Prom-posals weren't a thing...
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AUDIO: Let's Hope You Look Like Your Dad

Think you look like your dad? No joke, he might love you more if you do. A new study has found that babies who look like their dads end up living healthier lives.Researchers found that dads who see themselves in their child’s face are more involved in their babies' lives, so they get more attention...
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AUDIO: Keep Glitter Out of Beer

Things that don't need glitter: greeting cards, lotions, decorations, and beer. Two breweries seem to feel otherwise! Ska Brewing , in Durango, and Bold Missy Brewery in North Carolina have both released beer with edible glitter swirling in it . We can't deny that it looks very pretty, but is it...
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