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Popsicle Cocktails: The Treat You Never Knew You Needed

A cool drink on a hot summer day is almost as nice as a chilly, sweet frozen popsicle. Now, you can combine the two in one perfect combination. A company has created vodka freezer pops ! They come in flavors like Lemon Drop and Appletini, and it's time to make some space in the freezer! You're...
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AUDIO: That was in her FACE?!

Most bumps on our faces stay put. Well, not this one! A Russian woman watched perplexed a lump on her face moved from one place to anothr, until she discovered the lump was alive. The woman had a parasitic worm living below her eye. It later moved her eyelid and then to her lip, where the...
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AUDIO: No More Mushy Avocados

It seems like avcados are perfectly ripe for about 40 seconds. But, that may soon be changing! Apeel Sciences in California has created a tasteless and edible coating that keeps avocados fresh twice as long. The edible barrier is made from plant materials, and it creates a "microclimate,"...
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AUDIO: Science Says You Can't Turn Down Donuts

Foods with a ton of fat and carbohydrates, like donuts, french fries, pizza, well pretty much all junk food, might actually be irresistable. Yale researchers have found that foods that combine fat and carbs create a powerful reward in the brain. Ironically, foods containing the magic fat-carb combo...
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Skyscraper Raccoon is SAFE!

SKYSCRAPER RACCOON IS SAFE! The skyscraper-ascending raccoon of Minnesota has reportedly been rescued. Huzzah! The raccoon, which had been trapped at various spots on the UBS building in St. Paul for two days, is said to finally have been trapped by building management. CBS News notes the raccoon—...
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The Machines are Turning on Us

Some scientists at M.I.T. obviously have never watched an episode of Westworld , and programmed a computer to be a psychopath . This was achieved by feeding a computer violent content from the internet. They then comapred this computers responses to a rorschach test to those of a "normal" computer...
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