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AUDIO: Drink Coffee, Make Friends

Drinking coffee has it's perks (ha ha!), like a solid caffeine boost, some health benefits, and, according to a new study , can actually help you like people more. Researchers at University of California-Davis found that coffee also makes you feel better about yourself, which boosts your mood and...
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AUDIO: Walk Faster with Chewing Gum

If you're trying to pick up the pace on a walk, you may want to try chewing some gum! According to a new study , chewing gum while being physically active increases your heart rate. Why? Researchers guess that your walking starts to synchronize with your chewing, and most people chew a lot faster...
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AUDIO: From POTUS to Producer

Barack and Michelle Obama are on to their next adventure, in Hollywood! According to Variety , the former president and first lady have signed a deal to produce movies and series for Netflix. They Obamas have said they "hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are...
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No One Really Disconnects

Vacation can be a great time to relax, and leave all the emails and social media posts behind. But, A new survey has found that the average American adult checks his or her phone once every 12 minutes on vacation. Whether we're playing games or catching up on the news, 53 percent of Americans admit...
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AUDIO: What is this Sorcery?!

While Casey and Hartwick are busy losing their minds over Laurel/Yanny , things are actually happening in the world. To the amusement of Milennials everywhere, a retirement expert has claimed that you should have twice your annual salary saved by the age of 35. Yeah, ok. If that seems a bit far-...
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