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AUDIO: The Great Coffee Debate

Coffee seems to be a popular topic for scientific study. The problem is, those studies all seem to contradict one another. First coffee will kill you, then it will help you live to be a thousand. What do we believe? The team at 99.5 The Mountain is going with this latest study . The new research...
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Fat Banks Are a Thing Now

Food bank, sperm bank, actual bank, and fat bank ? Yup. In Australia (those crazy Aussies) people are having fat sucked out of them and stored , to later have injected in their faces to fight aging. Many doctors feel this is an interesting step forward in anti-ging treatments, and reconstructive...
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AUDIO: Vitamins Don't Really Work

Tired of choking down a fistful of vitamins every day? Well, you may not have to anymore. According to a new study , vitamin and mineral supplements have zero influence on lowering a person's risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke or premature death. Nutritional deficits are very real, but...
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AUDIO: Watch Out for Tablet Neck

You know that super-cool slouchy position we all sink into when crouching over our phones or tablets? Well, it has a name , and it's also not good for you. Constant slouching can bring on a case of "iPad neck," or, pain in your neck, upper back or shoulders. UNLV researchers found that 85 percent...
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Popsicle Cocktails: The Treat You Never Knew You Needed

A cool drink on a hot summer day is almost as nice as a chilly, sweet frozen popsicle. Now, you can combine the two in one perfect combination. A company has created vodka freezer pops ! They come in flavors like Lemon Drop and Appletini, and it's time to make some space in the freezer! You're...
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AUDIO: That was in her FACE?!

Most bumps on our faces stay put. Well, not this one! A Russian woman watched perplexed a lump on her face moved from one place to anothr, until she discovered the lump was alive. The woman had a parasitic worm living below her eye. It later moved her eyelid and then to her lip, where the...
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