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AUDIO: Did Someone Find Excalibur?

Looks like Britain may have a new king, or queen! When 7-year-old Matilda Jones found a sword in a lake, little did she know she may have found the legendary exalibur. It's not likely, at all, but hey, stranger things have happened. Listen to Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick's take on the new queen...
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AUDIO: The Worst Tinder Date Ever

We've all been there, nature calls on a date sometimes, but rarely does that end up with someone stuck in a window. Listen to the most ridiculous story we've heard in awhile, and the rest of The Morning Show too! From Tinder to Wind-er (like window, get it?)
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AUDIO: Mike Gets Moon-splained

Turns out, Mike Casey's only right about astronomy once in a blue moon. Listen to his harvest moon mix up, and the rest of the show, while you're at it! Some Moon-Splaining
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AUDIO: You smell like pizza and roses

Mike Casey is not great at giving compliments. Example: You smell like pizza and roses. What girl wouldn't love that? Listen to that, and everything else you missed this morning, on 99.5 The Mountain! You smell like pizza and roses
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