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What Would You Do for the Perfect Body?

Going to the gym and eating well is asking too much to get the "perfect" body, apparently. But what would people be willing to give if they could hypothetically get it overnight? A survey found that more than 75 percent of respondents said they would give up something they love, including coffee,...
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It's All or Nothing

Today is National All or Nothing Day. Is there something you would love to do, if only you weren’t afraid? Today is the day to go for it! All or nothing! Does your employer offer paid maternity leave? For many people, the answer is no. There is a growing trend of workers donating their vacation...
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What Do You Do With a B.A. in English?

Are you using your college degree? According to a new study, maybe not. A new survey found that 15 percent of Americans don’t use anything they learned from their college major at their current job. I bet most doctors would disagree with that. If you do have a degree, you may also have a decent...
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Finding a Fiver Could Save Your Day

Mondays are hard, but there are a few ways you can salvage a day that didn't start well. Recently, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council asked people what things instantly boosted their moods. While many people got a boost from petting a dog, or doing a good deed, 58% of us got a real thrill out of...
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