Yoko Ono Announces ‘Warzone,’ An Album of Reimagined Tracks

Listen to title track “Warzone” here

July 25, 2018
Yoko Ono at the Double Fantasy

Press Association SIPA USA Today

Yoko Ono’s upcoming Warzone will feature reimagined versions of her work from 1970 to 2009, focusing on tracks with the most relevant messages and pertinent lyrics.

Stripped-down versions of the songs are meant to highlight lyrical content and encourage active listening and analysis. Listen to the haunting soundscape created in the album’s first single, “Warzone.”

Warzone is due October 19 and preorders are already available here

Yoko’s work continues to prove its timelessness and Death Cab For Cutie’s latest single, “Gold Rush,” even features a sample from her 1972 track, “Mind Train.” Watch them explain how the sample came to be in our exclusive interview: