Three Things You Need to Know on September 21st

September 21, 2018

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser is willing to testify before a Senate committee, under certain conditions. CNN reports Christine Blasey Ford's attorney told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Ford's willing to testify next Thursday. Ford won't appear at a hearing scheduled for Monday, saying it's too soon. Ford had previously requested and FBI investigation prior to the hearing.

There's no word yet on a possible motive in yesterday's mass shooting at the Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen, Maryland.  Three people were killed and three others were wounded before the 26-year-old shooter shot and killed herself.   

For the first time in almost two years, the Cleveland Browns are winners.  Rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield led the Browns to their first win since Week 16 of the 2016 season last night.  The number-one overall pick replaced an injured Tyrod Taylor to carry Cleveland to a 21-17 comeback win over the Jets on Thursday Night Football. Let's hope the Broncos can also pull off a win on the road this Sunday in Baltimore!