Three Things You Need to Know on August 8th

August 8, 2018

Some of yesterday's primary elections are still too close to call.  The special election in Ohio is the closest right now, with Republican Troy Balderson holding a razor-thin margin over Democrat Danny O'Connor in Ohio's 12 Congressional District.  In Kansas, Republican Governor Jeff Colyer is neck and neck with Secretary of State Kris Kobach for the GOP nomination. Primary and special elections may be an indicator of what will happen in midterm elections this November.

Bears in Colorado may be getting a bit bolder in the coming weeks. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says this is the time of year bears go into a feeding frenzy to get ready to hibernate.  Wildlife officials are warning people to make sure they don't leave anything outside that can attract bears to their home, like pet food and garbage.  Also, make sure the doors and windows to your homes and cars are secured, as bears may try to break in. Anything for food! 

Kevin Hart is helping 18 students go to college. The comedian, alongside the United Negro College Fund and the Knowledge Is Power Program, is awarding 18 students funding to earn degrees from 11 historically black colleges and universities. In total, the scholarships amount to $600,000.