A Salute to The Rogers Family

Spotlighting a Military Family Helped by Project Sanctuary

June 24, 2019

Jerry, Billi (wife) and the boys are Daimin (18) and Jase (6)

US Army Veteran of 11 years active duty with numerous deployments worldwide in both training and combat. I'm married with two children (18 & 6). Throughout my time in the Army, I experienced great adventure, made lifelong friendships, and conducted many operations. Mid-career, I started experiencing an exhaustion that I had not yet experienced and decided to leave the military since I wasn't sure how to approach this. After many struggles to learn myself where I was in this moment, I finally got to a point of accepting the need for help. I did seek help and began a life recovery that would prove to be very challenging and rewarding. However, there was one piece missing. As I worked really hard to regain momentum of positive change for myself, my Family was on the sideline so to speak. Even with an attempt to share my new tools with the Family, it just wasn't enough. With recently finding Project Sanctuary, I was able to include the Family in the recovery process while also focusing on Family as a Team versus just me-the Veteran. During our stay at Project Sanctuary, we had some unexpected breakthroughs and a few things surface that would prove to be emotionally exhausting. However, much needed. At Project Sanctuary, we learned a lot and are able to effectively grow past some barriers within our Family that were really holding us back. That being said, we still have work to do and more to grow but thanks to Project Sanctuary, Team Rogers' trajectory is looking good!