What Do You Do With a B.A. in English?

Headlines from 7/25

July 25, 2018

Are you using your college degree? According to a new study, maybe not. A new survey found that 15 percent of Americans don’t use anything they learned from their college major at their current job. I bet most doctors would disagree with that.

If you do have a degree, you may also have a decent paying job, but do you make more than your spouse? Some number-crunchers at the Census Bureau have discovered that men report higher earnings when they are outearned by their wives. It seems that when women make more than their husbands, the men report their earnings to be 2.9 percentage points higher than what they file on their tax reports to the IRS.

No matter what you're making, a four-day work week probably sounds great. A company in New Zealand tested out a four-day work week and discovered that it positively affected employee morale and productivity. Employees were more punctual, and creative, also happier and less stressed. Can this become the norm?