The Machines are Turning on Us

June 11, 2018

USA Today Images


Some scientists at M.I.T. obviously have never watched an episode of Westworld, and programmed a computer to be a psychopath. This was achieved by feeding a computer violent content from the internet. They then comapred this computers responses to a rorschach test to those of a "normal" computer. The computer that had been spared all the violence saw an ink blot as "birds on top of a tree branch." Norman (the name of the test computer), on the other hand, thought the random ink blot looked more like a "man being electrocuted." 

Machines can be scary, but the thought of being surrounded by traveling humans can be even scarier. According to a survey, the most common complaint airline travelers have about their co-passengers is people who smell bad. That's right, more annoying than poorly behaved kids, seat recliners and armrest hoggers! Never hurts to shower before a flight. Fellow passengers may even thank you.

Flying may be essiantial to truly getting a break. According to a survey by British Airways, in order for people to feel truly disconnected from work, they have to travel at least 1,000 miles. So stay-cations are pretty much out of the question.

You may want to leave Florida off the list of possible vacation destinations. Weird stuff happens there. Like this: A Florida woman brought her pet spider monkey to Home Depot on a leash. It gets stranger. The monkey got loose and began running through the aisles and even bit an employee. The victim of this monkey attack is expected to be fine, but the monkey is in the care of animal control officials, who are trying to determine if it's a legal pet.