A Lifetime Supply of Liquor

November 14, 2017

What would you pay for a lifetime supply of liquor? Online retailer Alibaba offered a lifetime supply of booze for about $1,700. What a deal! They only offered 33 lucky people this bargain, but they will each get 12 bottles of an 80-proof grain alcohol per month for, the rest of their lives. If they die within the first five years of the purchase, they can leave their alcohol to a family member. Do any of these 33 people need friends in Denver?

Need a burder to go with that drink? We think so, and so do health experts! One nutritionist has discovered that ordering two hamburgers is healthier than ordering one hamburger with a side of fries. By skipping the fries and doubling down on the burgers, you get more protein and less carbs. Win-win.

While Mike Casey dreams of burgers, Hartwick dreams that one day, Jurassic Park will be real. Her dream might be a little closer to reality. Scientists in Siberia, Russia, found a perfectly preserved corpse of a 50,000-year-old lion from the ice age, and they want to bring it back to life by extracting its DNA. Let's hope Dr. Grant is nearby, in case anyting goes wrong.

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Liquor for Life