It's Friday! Don't Piss Off Your Bartender!

On Today's Morning Show

July 27, 2018

Things of note for your Friday, July 27, 2018

1.  Feel like your Doctor doesn't listen to you?  Bet you're right, according to this story.  

2.  On today's Question Almost Impossible, we learned that pretty much everyone thinks men are AWFUL.  Also- we tend to forget birthdays.  #malefale Whoops.  

3.  Hang up your phone and!  ]

4.  So, there's water on Mars!  To say nothing of the rings around Uranus!  (I had to.) 

5.  They now know why weed causes the munchies!  (Uh, bruh...can you pass those Cheetos?) 

6.  And finally, DON'T piss off your bartender! Here's how to avoid that cardinal sin!