Fat Banks Are a Thing Now

Headlines from 7/2/18

July 2, 2018

Food bank, sperm bank, actual bank, and fat bank? Yup. In Australia (those crazy Aussies) people are having fat sucked out of them and stored, to later have injected in their faces to fight aging. Many doctors feel this is an interesting step forward in anti-ging treatments, and reconstructive surgieries. We feel it's a bit odd.

What would you give up to keep your phone? Pizza? Alcohol? What about coffee? A new survey of 18- to 34-year-olds found that 77 percent of respondents said they would rather give up coffee for a week instead of give up their phone. 54 percent said they would give up Netflix for a month rather than not have access to their phone for a week. Keep the phone, we're pretty sure Netflix and coffee are what keeps Hartwick alive.

Think a fancy dinner is sexy? Think again! According to a surprising new survey, 92 percent of people think being frugal an attractive trait in a partner. 79 percent even said it wouldn’t bother them if someone used a coupon on a first date. I guess we're all about saving the Benjamins.