AUDIO: The Great Coffee Debate

Headlines from 7/3/18

July 3, 2018

Coffee seems to be a popular topic for scientific study. The problem is, those studies all seem to contradict one another. First coffee will kill you, then it will help you live to be a thousand. What do we believe? The team at 99.5 The Mountain is going with this latest study. The new research suggests coffee can increase chances for a longer life, even for those who down at least eight cups daily. Let's brew another pot!

Coffee may extend your life, but a lack of exercise won't. According to a new study, laziness can mess with your personality. Researchers found that people who are more active are more conscientiousness, open, agreeable and extroverted. Being sedentary will likely cause you to become less open to new experiences, less hard working and less sociable. 

Do you Air BnB? Maybe you rent your house out? If so, your guests are doing it in your house. A lot. In every room. A survey asked over 1,000 guests and 100 hosts if people were getting it on. And, sure enough, 54 percent of guests admitted that they had sex in someone else’s house or apartment while staying there. They confessed that they not only had sex in the bedroom, but also in the shower, on the couch and in the kitchen. I mean, when on vacation, do as the vacationers do.