AUDIO: You Look Like A Couple Thousand Bucks

March 6, 2018

Can you tell if someone's rich, just by looking at them? Turns out, yes! According to a new study, most people can tell if you're wealthy, just by looking at your face. People with money tend to live happier, less stressful lives compared to those struggling to make ends meet, and that stuggle can be seen in people's faces.

If you're one of the richer-looking people out there, you just might be able to buy The One. No, we don't mean your one true love, we mean a totally bonkers house, aptly named The One. The walls and ceilings of this $500 million home are made out of aquariums full of jellyfish. The house also comes with its own indoor/outdoor nightclub, four-lane bowling alley, and 40-seat movie theater; four pools, including the largest indoor pool in California; panoramic views of the city; plus a moat, to keep the bad guys out. Just the necessities.

Here's a swimsuit that you can wear to one of those four pools, just not if you plan on going in them. Online retailer ASOS is catching some well deserved flack for selling a swimsuit that, get this, cannot get wet. It's dry clean only and entirely impractical. But, it looks kinda cute?

Can Someone Have a Rich Face?