AUDIO: Would You Rather...

January 31, 2018

Here's the big question: would you rather tell someone your weight, or the balance in your bank account? According to a survey by an investing app, 68 percent of Americans would rather reveal their weight. That's how scared we are to talk about money!

We may not want to talk about weight, but boy oh boy do we wanna talk about pizza! We wish we could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. And one of those might not be a bad idea. According to a nutritionist, pizza may not be the ideal breakfast, but a slice of pizza is healthier than a bowl of cereal with milk. They have about the same number of calories, but pizza has more protien and less sugar. Breakfast just got way more awesome.

You can bring pizza on a plane, but airlines draw the line at peacocks. United Airlines recently turned away a woman who tried to bring a peacock on a flight as her emotional support animal. The airline claimed the peacock did not meet support animal guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size. Apparently, she wasn't the first to try something like this. The airline says it has tightened the animal policy after a steep increase in incidents including animal defecation and attacks on crew members. 

Mike, just like that peacock, is not on board. Listen to the Morning Show here!

Would You Rather