AUDIO: THIS is the town from Footloose?

November 1, 2017

We all know (and LOVE) the story, big city kid moves to a small town where dancing is illegal. He and a few of the other town kids change the minds of some super-judgey adults and everyone celebrates wile Kenny Loggins sings. It's great. But turns out, this story was a reality, in Manhattan of all places! New York City lawmakers voted Tuesday to legalize dancing in bars, repealing a 91-year-old law that banned dancing in bars without a special cabaret license. The vote passed 41-1, and we want to know who the fun-hating holdout was!

While you're out getting your groove on, you might have to ward off a persisitent creeper or two. Now there' a way to make SURE he gets the point, and leaves you alone. Website The Mary Sue has created a Rejection Hotline number that people can hand out to someone who just won't take no for an answer. The number delivers a message via voice-message or text. 

If traditional deodorant isn't for you, if you've been searching for an alternative anti-persperant, we may know of a great product for you, and it's local! Distilled Bath and Body, created Pit Liquor, a deodorant made from whiskey! It’s made from 136-proof alcohol, which keeps you smelling fresh by killing bacteria, but it won't smell like whiskey. Instead, wearers can choose from lavender, vanilla or black pepper. Cheers?

Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick had a whole lot to say this morning, check it out here:

New York Dance Party