AUDIO: Too Much to Tweet

November 8, 2017

Twitter now has two times the text! That's 280 characters to do with what you will. Reviews are mixed from Twitter users, and even Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick can't agree on this, but whether you feel good, bad or inbetween, you got the extra characters and might as well use 'em!

If the extra Twitter room doesn't make you happy, we know what will. Feeling appreciated! A new study shows most people would like their jobs better if they felt appreciated! According to data by software provider PayScale, being appreciated ranked higher than open communication, career growth, salary, and the outlook of the company when it came to employee satisfaction. From all of us here at The Mountain, we appreciate you!

Appreciation sure helps in a marraige too, and it turns out marraige isn't only good for your heart (awww) it's also pretty great for your bank account. A new survey of more than 1,000 married people revealed that 37% of them started paying more attention to finances once they got married. And 30% said they started saving more, while 10% of these super-frugal people spent less! Turns out, the aisle leads to financial responsibility!

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Too Much to Tweet