AUDIO: "Tanks" for the Wine!

January 12, 2018

Sometimes a bottle of wine is necessary, but most of us draw the line when it comes to robbing a store for some vino. Not this guy! A man in Russia drove an armored personnel carrier (code for tank) into the window of a shop, climbed through the rubble, and stole a bottle of wine on Wednesday morning. He must have really needed to unwind after a rough day at the office.

Maybe he should have taken a Lyft? Drivers are always ready to pick you up after an evening out! Now, they may even supply the beers! Lyft will partner with Baderbräu Brewing in Chicago to brew Five Star Lager, which will be sold in bars, not in stores. Anyone who orders a Five Star Lager will get up to 60 percent off their next Lyft ride, with the idea of helping Lyft customers have a safe and secure way to get home after a night out. Cheers to that!

It'd be easy to blame that next-day hangover on Lyft, but fingers should be pointed elsewhere. New research suggests that the scent of a man can make women drink more. The cited some wild notion that alcohol and sex might be subliminally and culturally linked. Crazy talk if you ask us!

Must. Have. Wine.