AUDIO: The Signature Scent of Denver

October 18, 2017

If you could make a candle that smelled like Denver, which fragrances would you choose? There's the obvious option, which does play a part in the newest scent from Homesick Candles. The company originally created cadles that smell a bit like the essence of all 50 states. Now they are making city-specific versions. Let's hope ours isn't skunky.

While Boulder doesn't have their own candle (yet) they are the home of one of the largest crowfunding campaigns ever created. The Brewers Association, based out of Boulder, is trying to raise $213 billion, which it says would be used to purchase Anheuser-Busch InBev. THeir goal is to protect smaller breweries from being bought up by ABI, but that's a whole lotta cash to collect!

The NFL is wrapping up their general metting with players, owners and staff today. A huge topic of discussion has been the National Anthem. Following the meeting on Tuesday, Roger Goodell said the league did not ask for any changes to the anthem policy, which states that players "should"—not must—stand when the anthem is played.

THe NFL might need to start worrying about the sheer amount of food it takes to feed their players! ESPN visited the Buffalo Bills to figure out just how much food it takes to feed an entire NFL team. It's a whole lot.

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