AUDIO: Scare Yourself Skinny

October 27, 2017

Scary movies make your heart beat a bit faster, maybe they make your palms sweat, sometimes it feels like you can't catch your breath. Sounds a bit like working out, doesn't it? Turns out, the two activities may have a similar effect. A new study shows that scary movies can actually cause viewers to burn calories. One participant got so terrified while watching The Shining, she burned 184 calories. Imagine if she watched it at The Stanley Hotel. Probably would have tripled that calorie count!

If you're looking for someone sexy to curl up and watch a scary movie with, maybe look to the Southern Hemisphere. Dating site surveyed more than 22,000 international members to find out which countries have the best and worst lovers. Like all rare and fascinating creatures, the best are in Australia. South Africa, and the United States are also home to men with some skills. The most sensually talented women live in Canada, France, Italy and the U.S. Sadly, the people of New Zealand fared far worse than their neighbors to the west. Kiwi men and women were determined to be the worst lovers of all.

A lot more that super sexy times is happening in South Africa. Tom Morgan recreated a scene from his favorite Pixar movie by attaching 100 helium balloons to a lawn chair, and going for a ride. Margan flew for 16 miles over the countryside before returning safely to earth. Congrats on the trip Tom!

Got your Halloween costume ready? Great! Now time to spill drinks all over it at a party! Until recently, breathalyzers were the only way to figure out your Halloween (or any holiday) BAC, but a new bracelet called BACtrack can continually measure it for you! The device connects to an app that calculates your BAC and will even let you set alarms to alert you when you hit certain levels. The more you know, right?

Scare Yourself Skinny