AUDIO: Proper Tree Transport

November 29, 2017

You've done it. You've found the perfect Christmas tree. Congrats! It's beautiful. Now how are you going to get ot off the lot and into your house? This is a conundrum many of us have faced, and many of us have made the wrong choice and ended up compromising our safety, a la Clark Griswold. Police in Massachusetts warned drivers not to mount their trees to cars by posting a picture of a massive tree tied to a minivan, a minivan that they promptly issued a ticket.


While that tree is huge, it's nowhere near the size of the epic Rockefeller Center tree. Tonight NBC will light it up and air the celebration, as it does every year. If you happen to be in the Manhattan area, the event is free and open tot he public! The tree will be on display in New York until January 7th.

We are eager to start celebrating the Holidays, but it's important to remember there are people around the world who need our help this season. The ever-charitable Bono has started a campaign for World AIDS Day that will do some good, and will be a bit fun! He and the rest of U2 are giving fans a chance to win a round of miniature golf with the band. The only way to enter the contest, is to donate to Bono's (RED) organization on A $10 donation will score you 100 enteries. That's 100 chances to play some mini golf with the band, and help people around the world living with HIV/AIDS.

Get in the holiday spirit with Mike and Allie on The Mountain Morning Show here:

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