AUDIO: Pants That Grow With You

November 20, 2017

Say goodbye to tight waistbands on Thanksgiving night! Stove Top, yes the stuffing company, has figured out a way to stuff you into something a little more comfortable this holiday, for just $20! They're called Thanksgiving Pants. They are stretchy, comfortable, and very ugly. Joey Tribbiani would be proud.

Holiday shopping is more or less underway, and parking lots are always a bit of a nightmare, especially when your car goes "missing." A man in Germany feels your pain. Back in the 90's, this man couldn't find his car in a crowded garage. He assumed it had been stolen, reported it, and moved on. Last week the police finally found his car, exactly where the man had left it twenty years ago. While the man was happy to be reunited with his long-lost vehicle,  it had been sitting around for decades and needed to be scrapped.​ 

Thanh Tran of Knoxville believes that dads should "participate in every parent night no matter what it is." So when his daughter asked him to attend ballet night at school, he put on his slippers and was ready to go! Tran posted pictures of his time at the barre on Instagram, and to no one's surprise, they have gone viral. Dads in tutus are where it's at.

A few, far less wholesome photos are also going viral. Residents of the tiny Washington state town of Okanogan we're privy to some fairly obscene sky-drawing, specifically in the form of a giant penis. drawn in the sky over central Washington. While some people were offended, most found the drawing funny. Officials from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island say one of their planes was responsible for the skywriting, though they weren't particularly proud of it.

Mike and Allie had a good laugh about all this on The Mountain Morning Show.

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