AUDIO: Over on Lannister Lane

April 11, 2018

Idaho is pretty far from Kings Landing, but one town is making some adjustments that may inspire the Targaryens to plot a takeover. A new subdivision of homes being built in the town of Kuna will feature streets with names of characters from Game of Thrones. Some names that have been accepted so far include Baratheon Avenue and Rickon Street (aww). Unfortunately, Stark, Tarth, Drago, Lannister and Samwell have been disqualified. Let's hope this neighrborhood doesn't suffer the same fate as Winterfell, or any city in Westeros.

Think eating healthy costs a ton? Sudies show, not really! Five million recipes from more than 9,000 websites were analyzed by experts, and preparing healthier recipes costs an average of one or two dollars more than unhealthy meals do. One or two dollars each day definitely adds up, but overall, could be worth it.

Eating well and working out, two things we all try to do more often. This rather obvious tip could make exercising a bit easier. According to a new study, people who listen to music while exercising enjoy their workouts 28 percent more than those who didn’t listen to anything. Listening to music can also boost enjoyment more than listening to a podcast, so crank up the tunes and rock out on that treadmill!

Winter is Coming to Idaho