AUDIO: Let's Hope You Look Like Your Dad

March 8, 2018

Think you look like your dad? No joke, he might love you more if you do. A new study has found that babies who look like their dads end up living healthier lives.Researchers found that dads who see themselves in their child’s face are more involved in their babies' lives, so they get more attention and overall better care. Come on dads!

Today is International Women's Day! Mattel is celebrating the occasion with the release of 19 limited-edition Barbies modeled after real life heroes or "Sheroes." The collection includes Amelia Earhart, painter Frida Kahlo, NASA Mathemetician Katherine Johnson, gymnast Gabby Douglas, director Patty Jenkins, and many more. 

Working women don't have it easy, but it's better in some states than others! WalletHub just released their annual list of the best (and worst) states for professional women. They took into account things like median salary for women, the unemployment rate, percentage of female-owned businesses, graduation rates, and women's. Minnesota landed the number one spot, follwed by Massachusetts and then Vermont. Which states need improvement? While Arkansas and Mississippi aren't great states for women to work in, Louisiana ranked last on this list.

No matter your gender, you've got it pretty rough if you're employed at Apple's new headquarters. A large amount of the building is made of glass, and employees have been getting injured walking into walls and doors. Over the past couple of months, there have been multiple calls to 911 for medical help as people are bouncing off the glass and sometimes suffering head injuries. Aren't they supposed to be geniuses?

Dads Love Kids That Look Like Them