AUDIO: Killer Workouts

October 20, 2017

Mike's been saying it for years, working out could possibly kill you, so don't risk it. Now, it looks as though there might be some evidence to support his lazy claims. A new study shows that men who spend more than 7.5 hours per week at the gym may be twice as likely to die of a heart attack. Another afternoon on the couch is starting to look like a good choice!

While you might not have to go to the gym, turns out you do need to eat broccoli. Those little green guys may be the key to warding off cancer and a lot of other ailments. Worth the bitter taste and fart smell!

Winter is right around the corner (ugh), but luckily for us here in Denver, it might be a bit more mild than usual. Forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association predict there's a 50-65% chance that La Nina will impact our weather, bringing us warmer days, but possibly a lot more snow.

Makes you want to fly somewhere snow-free right? Well if you do it on Southwest, there's a chance your flight could be totall unmanned! On Wednesday, Southwest conducted their first ever flight with an all female crew. Hard to believe this is happening for the first time now, but we're happy it happened at all! Yay Southwest!

And the cast of This Is Us is asking for some changes too. Many of the actors are asking for a pay raise. The cast currently earns about $80,000 an episode, which sounds great, but actors on Modern Family make $1million per week, with only half the number of viewers. Casey and Hartwick are still holding out for their giant pay days.

Decide if they're worth some prime-time dollars here:

Killer Workouts