AUDIO: Keep Glitter Out of Beer

March 7, 2018

Things that don't need glitter: greeting cards, lotions, decorations, and beer. Two breweries seem to feel otherwise! Ska Brewing, in Durango, and Bold Missy Brewery in North Carolina have both released beer with edible glitter swirling in it. We can't deny that it looks very pretty, but is it necessary? That's a big fat no! Brewers apparently feel the same way, as the glitter makes brewing equipment very difficult to clean. I've you've ever tried to get rid of glitter before, you probably feel their pain. 

Something else to add to the list of things no one was asking for, sneakers that order pizza. Yup, because we don't have phones we carry everywhere to do that for us. Pizza Hut has revealed the Pie Tops 2.0, (thats right, they've dont this before!) and announced they will be available for purchase starting March 19. The shoes come in red and white and can order a pizza with a touch of the button located near the tongue. They can also pause live TV, because why not.

Maybe Amazon's Alexa is made that sneakers are trying to do her job. Several Echo users have reported that Alexa has been spontaneously (and creepily) laughing at them, seemingly out of the blue. While the laugh itself isn't all that creepy, it would be a bit scary to hear if you weren't expecting it!

Beer Shouldn't Sparkle Like This