AUDIO: Hello, Earth to Moon!

March 1, 2018

Some places on earth have terrible reception, but next year, the moon will have 4G! German telecommunications company Vodafone announced a partnership with Nokia and Audi to launch cell tower equipment into space aboard a SpaceX rocket (Elon Musk does everything). The network will make it possible to stream high-definition video from the moon back to Earth. 

Would you rathe rhave love, or money? Seems like an easy answer! For a lot of Millennials, the answer is money. Financial services company Comet surveyed 400 employed Millennials and found that 41 percent of respondents said they would end a relationship for a $37,000 raise. Maybe they were all in bad relationships, look at it like a break-up bonus.

If you're a germaphobe, the gym might not be the best place for you!  A new study has shown that there are more germs on barbells than there are on toilet seats. No surprise, our hands are pretty germy, but barbells had a suprising 48 times more bacteria! Maybe bring some wiped with you to the gym next time.

Let's Call the Moon!