AUDIO: Happy Thanksgiving, $30 Please!

November 21, 2017

It's a lot of work, and money to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Most hosts/hostesses ask guests to bring a side or two to help out, but some are taking things a bit further. Some people actually charge their friends and family to eat. We understand all too well that food is expensive, but doesn't the cost kind of come with the whole hosting gig?

Traffic is probably going to be brutal this holiday, no matter where you're headed. According to AAA, an estimated 45.5 million Americans will be hitting the roads in the next few days, which is more than we've seen in the past decade! Delays in most cities could be huge, so plan a little extra time to get to gramma's house.

If you've been thinking about giving some time to your local soup kitchen this Thanksgiving, you might have to reconsider. Many charities, especially smaller organizations,can be overwhelmed with first-time volunteers on the holiday. Many charities say the best way to help is to make a long-term commitment to volunteering and start with your organization of choice before the holiday season.

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