AUDIO: Happy Tax Day to You!

April 17, 2018

Today is the day, we all pay (or get paid by) Uncle Sam. According to a survey, 24 percent would get an IRS tattoo if it meant never having to pay taxes again. Some people, who really hate paying taxes, would stop talking for 6 months,  and 11 percent would name their child “Taxes” if they could forever be tax free. I suppose he or she could always change that name later.

If you're not paying taxes, you probably have some extra cash to spend on the ultimate movie experience. 4DX, a new movie theater concept, is designed to engage all five senses. It has motion seats, wind and rain simulators, the theater even incorporates smells. It opens in London this week. 

If you've been trying to get to the gym, it could be as simple as changing your clothes. According to a new survey, 88 percent of people are motivated to get to the gym, simply by putting on their workout gear.