AUDIO: Happy to be in Colorado

October 25, 2017

Things are just happier up in Boulder. It's true, they really are! This is according to a study conducted by National Geographic author Dan Buettner and Gallup social scientists. They interviewed residents in 190 metropolitan areas in the US on metrics that gauge happiness, including vacation time, financial security, even trips to the dentist. Boulder came in at number one, with Santa Cruz-Watsonville, California close behind. And Boulder wasn't the only Colorado town to make the list, Ft. Collins is the 4th happiest city in the country. Things sure are sunny here in CO.

This story might bring an even bigger smile to your already happy face. Sean Rausch, a Utah high school student accepted a disqualification in his championship cross country meet, just so he could help a teammate. With just 200 meters left in the 5 kilometer race, Sean picked up an injured teammate and carried him to the finish line. Touching another runner is against the rules, and while he may have been disqualified from the race, he wins the award for character.

If you find your mind tends to wander, that may be a good thing! A new study from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that daydreaming during meetings may be a sign that you're intelligent and creative. Hartwick sure is smart. She zones out about 100 times a morning.

Is Jimi Hendrix's "foxy lady" a real person? Anthea Connell says she was 19 when Hendrix himself walked over to her at a concert hall and  wrote her a note on the back of a guitar strings package. After holding onto the memento for 50 years, she decided to auction it off, and make a decent amount of cash!

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Best to be in Boulder